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GARMIN Spain + Portugal – Plug & Play street maps City Navigator NT 2010

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Producer Item No.: 010-10691-02
Producer: Garmin
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Travel the Country

Everything you need to travel Spain and Portugal is included in these highly detailed street maps. Load City Navigator Europe NT Spain & Portugal directly to your Garmin device and navigate turn by turn to any address or intersection. Route to points of interest including restaurants, petrol stations, lodging, attractions and more. Coverage includes Spain, Andorra, Portugual and Gibraltar. Powered by NAVTEQ, a world leader in premium-quality digital map data.

  • Contains detailed map coverage for Spain, Andorra, Portugual and Gibraltar.
  • Displays points of interest throughout the region — restaurants, lodging, attractions, petrol stations, shopping and more.
  • Includes ATM/cash stations throughout the region.
  • Includes motorways, national and regional thoroughfares and local roads.
  • Includes detailed information such as turn restrictions, roundabout guidance, speed categories and other navigation features.
  • Gives turn-by-turn directions on your compatible Garmin device.
  • Contains traffic data for compatible Garmin devices that use traffic receivers.
  • Enhances pronunciation data for compatible Garmin devices that speak street names (example: "Turn right on Main Street.").
  • E
  • P
  • AND
  • GBZ

microSD™/SD™ card Requirements

To view and use the maps on this card, you must have a Garmin device with a microSD or SD card slot. Maps on microSD/SD cards cannot be copied or viewed on a computer.

Reduced price map updates are not available for these cards. If you want to update the maps, you must purchase a new card that includes the latest map data.

The microSD/SD card package includes a microSD card and an SD card adapter.

Scope of Delivery

1) micro SD / SD Plug and Play street maps Spain + Portugal 2009

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