AVM OVATION A6.2 - MOS-FET high-current integrated amplifier (Class A/AB / over 225/400 Watts/channel / incl. RC 3 remote control / incl. flight case / black)

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    a special MOS-FET high-current integrated amplifier
    class A/AB power amplifier with over 225/400 Watts per channel
    AVM MOS-FET high current technology
    12 MOS-FET transistors per channel deliver max. 180 amperes
    supply of power amplifiers with 1000 VA toroidal transformer
    four separate power supplies: main power supply, power supply for processor unit, silent power supply for input circuit left & right
    supply of the input stages via separate power supply
    analog, fully balanced input stages, fully DC-coupled
    fully balanced volume control with 256 control levels
    double mono construction eliminates mutual interference of the channels
    high level inputs: 2 XLR + 5 RCA
    two preamplifier outputs (XLR and RCA), fixed-level output (cinch)
    class A headphone amplifier with 6.3 mm jack connection
    connection for external IR receiver
    mains phase display
    stand-by consumption < 0.5 Watts
    tone control and parametric loudness with bypass function
    large, blue glowing graphic display
    extensive menu functions (customizable input sensitivity, individual input designation, etc.)
    packaging in stable flight case
    RC 3 - full metal remote control included in scope of delivery
    the MOS-FET high-current integrated amplifier is also available in silver finish
    we are dealer for several more HiFi products - your authorized dealer in Leipzig

Product description

OVATION A 6.2: An audiophile masterpiece!

With the A 6.2, the AVM team realized a dream. A full amplifier as a sound center for all music genres, for all volumes and suitable to effortlessly drive all speakers. A powerful, detailed and calm sound, always relaxed and relaxed. The technological sum of the experience of AVM in amplifier construction since 1986.

The faithful reproduction of music is a difficult undertaking and becomes a complex challenge as soon as an attempt is made to get as close to the original as possible and to transmit all the emotions associated with the music. Turning music into an experience: Sounds easy, but it requires the use of complex technologies and differentiates us from much simpler or purely technically oriented solutions.

The experience and the know-how of AVM should not be an end in itself but work for you in the amplifiers of AVM in the service of music. A brief overview of the technology package A 6.2 AVM would like to give you afterwards. The sound experience as a result of the developments of AVM, however, entrusts AVM to your ears and is pleased to be able to provide you with an incomparable musical experience - preferably for many years.

The A 6.2 is a Class A/AB amplifier built in the output stages with MOS-FET transistors. These transistors are inherently much faster than bi-polar transistors, but much more difficult to handle. The concepts of the characteristics of ideal 'matched' transistors have helped AVM to a new peak performance here. AVM realized this principle for the first time in the final stage flagships SA 8.2 and MA 8.2. The speed of this MOS-FET based circuit helps AVM realize an unprecedented level of tonal detail. The special single-ended circuit topology of the output stage of AVM also realizes the uncommonly powerful, full and warm sound of A 6.2.

The effort for the circuits is immense: Independent power supplies supply all stages of the A 6.2 individually and effectively exclude unwanted mutual interference of the amplifier stages. The input stages are fully DC-coupled and fully balanced - incoming signals from the unbalanced inputs are buffered and balanced directly behind the input jacks. In addition, the input stages are consistently designed as a double-mono architecture - two identical circuits on two independent boards, each with their own on-board voltage supply so allow a crosstalk distance of the left and right channel, which is outside the measuring ranges of the measuring instruments. The 256-level volume control and the equalization are also fully symmetrical (this effort brings in each case about 3 dB improved signal to noise ratio) and with less than 0.05 dB channel deviation at all volume levels.

The power amplifiers of the A 6.2 are designed as a single-ended architecture and borrowed from the stereo power amplifier SA 8.2. All boards are built with very thick 75µm thick Reinstkupferbahnen, completely gold plated and coated with thermally tolerant black paint. All boards are factory assembled at AVM. The driver stage has its own, separately controlled operating point setting. In the design of this particularly relevant amplifier stage AVM uses its full know-how, for example, the LEDs used not only signal the proper function, they are also much lower noise than Zener diodes. The power amps are powered by a 1000VA main transformer, powered by 120,000 µF (that's 0.12 F!) Of ultra-quick capacitors in parallel.

The headphone amplifier is equipped with a completely dedicated amplifier unit and works completely independently in Class A mode - this amplifier stage is also recessed behind and in the 15 mm thick front panel. The entire OVATION housing is already reminiscent of a small armored cupboard, but is again only a means to an end, since in this way the A 6.2 can be effectively cooled and also torsion resistant, constructed so that all components against unwanted influences from the outside as Example vibration can be effectively protected. One more detail: The knobs are turned together with the axle from a single piece. So you will not find a grub screw and these knobs are stored in a ball bearing. Behind it follows a long axis which then leads to the screwed rotary knobs.

Further connection details: Via separate preamplifier outputs, e.g. Further output stages such as the ideal matching SA 6.2 can be connected for bi-amping operation - in both symmetrical and asymmetrical operation. The A 6.2 is completely updateable, so that in the future further useful functions can be simply reloaded. An active phase display facilitates the correct connection. In A 6.2 many useful 'helpers' work in the background for you and help to maximize ease of use: protection circuits prevent damage, e.g. with connection errors. Soft-Mute functions suppress noise, for example when switching at full volume. The amp also remembers the last played volume and wakes up again (max 60). Many settings can be adjusted to your individual needs, for example, inputs can be renamed or level-matched. Home cinema loops (so-called ThruPuts) can still be selected.

Enough technology? There is much more to tell, but the most important thing is your ears! Let us convince you of the breathtaking sound of this amplifier. The concentrated technique works here in A 6.2 for you and the music. Like all components of AVM, the A 6.2 is also manufactured by hand in the AVM factory in Malsch, Baden - the vast majority of suppliers, for example for the precise housing parts, are also located in the immediate vicinity. Repeated, intensive quality controls during all production steps and a multi-day operating time for each individual device secure the promise of AVM for highest reliability in the long term.

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Technical Data

Specifications - AVM - OVATION A6.2 - integrated amplifier
Hersteller / Manufacturer: AVM
Produktname / Product name: OVATION A6.2
Produkttyp / Product type: Vollverstärker / power amplifier
Besonderheit / Special feature: Gerät wird im stabilen Flightcase geliefert / device is delivered in stable flight case
Farbe / Colour: schwarz / black
Verstärker / Amplifier
Eingangsempfindlichkeit (25W/4 Ohm) / Input sensitivity (25W/4 Ohm): 20 mV – 350 mV, einstellbar / adjustable
Eingangsimpedanz Hochpegel Cinch / Input impedance high level RCA: 6,8 kOhm
Störabstand (SNR) / Signal-to-noise ratio (SNR): 101 dB(A)
Frequenzgang / Frequency response: < 5 Hz - > 50 kHz
Klirrfaktor (THD) / Total harmonic distortion (THD): < 0,1% (25 W / 4 Ohm)
Dämpfungsfaktor / Damping factor: > 200 (1kHz) (8 Ohm)
Leistung / Power: 2 x 335 Watt (4 Ohm)
2 x 225 Watt (8 Ohm)
Allgemeines / General
Versorgungsspannung / Supply voltage: 230V/50Hz ; 120V/60Hz
Leistungsaufnahme max. / Power consumption max.: 1100 W
Leistungsaufnahme Stand-By / Power consumption stand-by: 0,5 W
Maße (B x H x T) / Dimensions (W x H x D): 430 mm x 130 mm x 390 mm
Gewicht / Weight: 22 kg

Scope of Delivery

  • 1 x AVM - OVATION A6.2 - integrated amplifier in black
  • 1 x power supply
  • 1 x AVM - RC 3 - remote control (made of solid metal)
  • 1 x stable flight case
  • 1 x operating instruction

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