QUAD Elite QSP - stereo power amplifier (with 2 x 140 Watts into 8 Ohms / class A / incl. current dumping technology / matte black)

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    qualitative stereo power amplifier incl. high-quality class A low-power amp
    incl. the special design philosophy and core technology = current dumping technology
    high efficiency from mains to audio power
    low heat emission
    output power: 2 x 250 Watts @ 4 Ohm / 2 x 140 Watts @ 8 Ohm
    elegant aluminum - metal sandwich casing
    inkl. power cord and ampbus cable
    beautiful design and excellent workmanship
    very good value for money
    we are specialized dealer for many various hi-fi products - your authorized dealer in Leipzig

Article Description

Quad - Elite QSP: ultra compact power amplifier - efficient & audiophile!

Quad has always been proud to offer music lovers the complete solution.

Each quad component blends perfectly with other parts of the hi-fi system and is equipped with a single target - "as close to the original sound" as possible.

The products of the Quad Elite series fulfill this aim in an excellent way.

Details on the Elite QSP

The QSP stereo power amplifier is an evolution of the famous Quad 909 Stereo. Designed in line with the traditional QUAD power amp design, this product incorporates the latest technology and the best audiophile components. With 140 Watts per channel at 8 Ohms, it ensures performance in abundance, so a wide range of speakers, including the QUAD ESL series, can be operated at this power amp.

The QSP amplifier uses QUAD's patented current dumping technology developed by QUAD founder Peter Walker. He is one of the best audio amplifiers in the market. He has one of the few truly innovative amplifier topologies. Essentially, this is a combination of two amplifiers that deliver the best of both in each channel.

The current dumping circuit, like the Quad QSP amplifier, consists of a very high-quality class A low-power amp that provides the details of the signal, while a high-performance cCurrent dumping section ensures that the speakers are in control being held. These two amplifier circuits are combined with a precise network to perfectly match the finesse of the class A output to the power of the current dumper.

This technology eliminates issues such as crossover distortion, quiescent current setting, thermal tracking and transistor matching. There are no internal adjustments or modifications and the choice of power transistor types is less restrictive.

Manufacturer information "Quad"

JQuad is one of the English hi-fi forges with a long tradition. Quad hi-fi devices of the first era are characterized by craftsmanship, quality and idiosyncratic design. Quad means: Quality Unit Amplified Domestic.

1936 was the founding year of the company Acoustical Manufacturing Company in London by Peter Walker. In 1941, the company moved from London to Huntingdon. In 1949 the first tube amplifier QUAD QA12 P was introduced. From 1953 the tube amplifier QUAD II and the preamplifier QUAD QC II are manufactured. This is the debut of the myth Quad. Other groundbreaking developments included the ESL-57 electrostatic loudspeaker Quad ESL-57 in 1957 and the QUAD 22 preamplifier in 1958. In 1967, QUAD began introducing transistors to its current productions, the incomparable QUAD 33 and the QUAD 303 amplifier.

In 1975, the current dumping circuit was introduced which is based on the concept of the then new amplifier QUAD 405. 1982 followed the electrostatic loudspeaker ESL-63. Since 2016, new product lines such as Artera, Vena and the Z speakers have been added. Even with these products, Quad remains true to design and sound, but integrates the current technologies.


A Musical Experience

Every Elite component has been designed to deliver the best possible user experience. The build is solid, the controls straightforward and the sound painstakingly tuned to maximise musical enjoyment. The natural, unforced sonic scale, pace and dynamism that made the 99 Series so highly rated remains intact, imbued with even greater resolve to deliver the most captivating musical performance possible, whilst maintaining highly competitive pricing throughout the range. Quad products have always been about the musical experience, first and foremost, and never has this been better exemplified than by the performance of the new Elite Series.


Accuracy and Clarity

Using audiophile-class components, highly specified transformers, multi-layer circuitboards and the most advanced software available, the design builds upon classic Quad sound with accuracy and clarity. Encased in a modern aluminium chasis design constructed using superior class alloy and finished in deep grey with a matte black front panel, Elite stays true to Quad's bold yet stylishly elegant signature aesthetic.


Your Missing Link

The Quad Link system bus is used to connect the Elite CDS CD player and Elite FM tuner to the Elite Pre preamp. It carries the audio signal in fully balanced form, plus system commands enabling all three components to be controlled via a single remote handset. Similarly, Amp Bus delivers balanced audio and control signals between the Elite Pre preamp and Elite Stereo or Elite Mono power amps. Several power amps may be daisy-chained via Amp Bus, giving the user the option to bi-amp or even tri-amp with ease. All Elite components (except the Elite FM) also provide conventional RCA sockets, for connection to components from other brands.


Current Dumping Topology

Quad's most valuable breakthrough is still the method which eliminates problems allied to transistor amplifiers providing a steady performance and eradicating the need for fine tuning adjustments during production, otherwise known as current dumping, which features in the Elite QSP and QMP models.

The “current dumping” technique features a very high quality low output power amplifier and a very high power output amplifier. The former emits a signal to compensate for errors between the input signal and the signal feed to the loudspeakers, while the latter controls the loudspeakers at all times and provides the current to generate the sound.

Discover your own personal sound experience

In our living room studio "Klangvilla" in Leipzig we feature more hi-fi products by Quad which are at all times ready for presentation. You will have the option to be explained and demonstrated also other high-quality high-end devices by our sales manager who will be available for you. We can also recommend the appropriate wiring and other high quality hi-fi accessories. Please just simply arrange a date for demonstration or consulting service with our home hi-fi sales manager by E-mail or by telephone.

Technical Data

Quad - Elite QSP - stereo power amplifier
Hersteller / Manufacturer: Quad
Produktserie / Product series: Elite Serie / Elite series
Produktname / Product name: Elite QSP
Produktart / Product type: Stereo-Endstufe / stereo power amplifier
Ausgangsleistung (<0,01% THD bei 1 kHz) / Output power (<0.01% THD at 1kHz): 2 x 250 Watt @ 4 Ohm / 2 x 140 Watt @ 8 Ohm
Frequenzgang / Frequency response: -1,0 dB @ 1Hz und/and 55 kHz, ref. 1 kHz
Leistungsbereich / Power response: -0,25 dB @ 20 Hz und/and 20 kHz, Ref.-Nr. 1 kHz
Übersprechdämpfung / Crosstalk: -90 dB @ 1kHz (Eingang belastet mit 600O / input loaded with 6000)
Signal-Rausch-Verhältnis (Rauschabstand) / Signal to noise ratio: <108 dB (20 Hz - 20 kHz), bezogen auf / related to 140 W
Stabilität / Stability: bedingungslos bei jeder Belastung und Eingabe / unconditional with any load and input
Dämpfungsfaktor / Damping factor: 230
Klirrfaktor (THD) / Total harmonic distortion (THD): <0,025% (100 W @ 20 Hz - 20 kHz)
Gesamt-Harmonie / Total harmony: <0,004% (100 W @ 1 kHz)
Ausgangsimpedanz / Output impedance: 0,05 Ohm parallel zu / in parallel with 1,5 mH
Verstärkung / Gain: 33 dB
Eingangsempfindlichkeit / Input sensitivity: 760 mV (Cinch-Line-Eingang / RCA line input)
Eingangsimpedanz / Input impedance: 10 kohm (symmetrisch / balanced) ; 15 kohm (unsymmetrisch / unbalanced)
Leistungsbedarf / Power requirement: 220-240 V ~ 50-60 Hz
Standby-Stromverbrauch / Standby power consumption: < 1 Watt
Farbe / Colour: Matt schwarz / matte black
Maße (B x H x T) / Dimensions (W x H x D): 328 mm x 149 mm x 270 mm
Nettogewicht / Net weight: 12,5 kg
Bruttogewicht / Gross weight: 14 kg

Scope of Delivery

  • 1 x QUAD - Elite QSP - stereo power amplifier in matte black
  • 1 x power cord
  • 1 x ampbus cable
  • 1 x operating instruction / user manual
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