imagehifi Vinyl Essentials - The Ultimate Pickup Test Record - LP (180 gram vinyl / Gatefold LP / 8 tracks / Image Hifi LP 003)

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"Vinyl Essentials" - the ultimate test record with a compilation of different test signals


8 tracks, which allow the perfect adjustment of the turntable, the tonearm and the cartridge system


channel identification


phase test


cross-talk test


various tracking ability tests


tonearm/cartridge system resonance test


conceived, written and performed by the Image Hifi team


made in Germany - distributed by Pro-Ject Audio Systems


released in 2001 as gatefold LP with 180 gram virgin vinyl by Image Hifi


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Product description

This test record by Image Hifi is designed to allow you to verify your hifi system in the most natural audio surroundings at home.

The test record contains special test signals developed for analyzing cartridge performance as well as its interaction with your tonearm and turntable.

"The Ultimate Pickup Test Record" is an outstanding adjustment tool, which includes measurements, that everyone will understand and is able to perform. No unnecessary High End voodoo testing! The record only contains essential measurements, that will make your cartridge/tonearm/turntable combo sound best.

Perfectly manufactured LP, which marks state-of-the-art reference quality status, referring to mastering tolerances of all available anaologue test records!

Comes with german and english instruction.

The best sound is achieved by the use of L'Art du Son LP cleaner before playing.


  1. Track - Kanalidentifikation / channel identification
  2. Track - Phasentest / phase test
  3. Track - Übersprechtest / cross-talk test
  4. Track - Übersprechtest / cross-talk test
  5. Track - Abtasttest / tracking ability test
  6. Track - Tonarm-/Tonabnehmersystem-Resonanztest / tonearm/cartridge system resonance test
  7. Track - Abtasttest / tracking ability test
  8. Track - Abtasttest / tracking ability test


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Vinyl Essentials - The Ultimate Pickup Test Record
Album / Album: Vinyl Essentials - The Ultimate Pickup Test Record
Tonträger / Sound carrier: Gatefold LP
Anzahl Tonträger / Number of sound carriers: 1
Material / Material: Vinyl
Farbe des Vinyls / Colour of vinyl: schwarz/black
Gewicht / Weight: 180 Gramm/gram

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  • 1 x Vinyl Essentials - The Ultimate Pickup Test Record - LP (180 gram vinyl / Gatefold LP / 8 tracks)
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