Nordost BWJUMP/SB - Norse Series - Bi-Wire Jumpers (4 x 15cm / Silver-plated OFC)

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    Dedicated bi-wire jumper replaces stock items             Micro mono-filament technology
    Silver-plated OFC solid-core copper conductors             Lightweight connectors ensure optimum results.

Product Description

Although Nordost has always offered matching bi-wire jumpers for each of its speaker cables, now, for the first time, we are offering a dedicated design that offers superior performance for the price.

Based on micro mono-filament technology, each pair of jumpers takes a straight-line, low-loss approach to the problem of replacing the bent metal plates or generic wires supplied with most loudspeakers. Using high-quality, low-mass terminations, the standard configuration is spade to 4mm Z-plug, although any combination of those connectors is available at no extra cost.

Here, simplicity really is the key: replace standard bridging plates with Norse Series Jumpers and you'll be astonished at the difference. Do it with a speaker that's already hooked up with Nordost micro mono-filament speaker cable and that difference will be even more apparent.

The Norse Series Jumpers are supported by a detailed installation guide, which is available as a PDF download from the Nordost site. This outlines and illustrates the various options when it comes to connecting bi-wirable speakers, ensuring that you get every last ounce of performance from your Jumpers.

Technische Daten / Technical Data

BWJUMP/SB - Norse Series Bi-Wire Jumpers
Qualität / Quality: hochwertig / high-quality
Farbe / Colour: transparent mit rot/schwarz-Kennzeichnung / transparent with red / black marking
Abmaße / Dimensions: Ø 4 mm
Länge / length: 4 x 0,15 m
Innenleiter-Material / Inner conductor material: Versilberte OFC Solid-Core-Kupferleiter / Silver-plated OFC solid-core copper conductors
Kabel-Ummantelung / Cable sheathing: Kunststoff / Plastic
Kabel-Geometrie / Cable geometry: rund / round
Stecker / Plug: Banana auf Kabelschuh / Banana to cable lug
Stecker-Bauform / Plug type: gerade / straight

Scope of Delivery

  • 4 x 15cm BWJUMP/SB - Norse Series - Bi-Wire Jumpers

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