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Kimber Kable Timbre - RCA audio cable (RCA-RCA / 1.0 m / transparent / 1 pair)

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    high quality RCA cable
    low loss fluorocarbon dielectric
    3 wire braid
    VariStrand copper conductors
    nitrogen assisted hand soldered termination
    maximum effciency and precision
    terminated with Ultraplate™ plugs from Kimber Kable
    excellent sound quality
    low signal loss
    best Hi-Fi quality from the United States
    we are specialized dealer for Kimber Kable products - your authorized reseller in Leipzig

Product Description

Non-shielded, classic Kimber Kable three wire braided copper interconnect will deliver deep, holographic imaging. Timbre's has a great ability to pop a central performer forward in the soundstage with clean and clear separation of instruments. Get a glimpse past the what and into the "why" on all your favorite albums.

Ultraplate™ RCA type connector:
At the heart of these connectors is the Ultraplate contact surface. The Ultraplate surface provides high conductivity, great durability, and is compatible with all other plating surfaces. The Ultraplate connector, which is precision machined out of solid metal stock, also features a solid fluorocarbon dielectric and split center pin for enhanced performance.

Discover your own personal sound experience

In our living room studio "Klangvilla" in Leipzig we feature more Kimber Kable products which are at all times ready for presentation. You will have the option to be explained and demonstrated also other high-quality high-end devices by our sales manager who will be available for you. We can also recommend the appropriate wiring and other high quality Hi-Fi accessories. Please just simply arrange a date for demonstration or consulting service with our home Hi-Fi sales manager.

Technical Data

Kimber Kable - Timbre
Hersteller / Producer: Kimber Kable
Produktserie / Product series: BASE
Produktname / Product name: Timbre
Qualität / Quality: hochwertig / high-quality
Farbe / Colour: transparent / transparent
Länge / Length: 1.0 m
Parallelkapazität / Parallel capacitance: 62.1 pF / Meter
Serieninduktivität / Series inductance: 0.493 µH / Meter
Gleichstrom-Schleifenwiderstand / DC loop resistance: 0.057 Ohm / Meter
Termination / Termination: Kimber Kable Ultraplate™ Cinch-Stecker/RCA plugs
Kabel-Geometrie / Cable geometry: rund / round
Stecker-Bauform / Plug type: gerade / Straight

Scope of Delivery

  • 2 x Kimber Kable - Timbre - RCA audio cable (1.0m)

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