Nordost White Lightning Analog Interconnect - XLR audio cable (XLR to XLR / 1.0 m / white)

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    high quality XLR cable        
    maximum effciency and precision        
    gold-plated XLR connectors        
    best hifi quality from the United States        
    also available in other lengths        
    we are specialized dealer for hifi products - your authorized dealer in Leipzig        

Product Description

The White Lightning Analog Interconnect is a fully-shielded design that can be terminated for balanced or single-ended connection. It employs four, 26 AWG silver-plated 99.9999% OFC solid core conductors, precision wound in a minimum cross-section configuration that eliminates unnecessary fillers or padding elements. The Insulation is high-grade FEP, selected for its superior dielectric performance, while the elegant minimalism extends to the carefully selected low-mass connectors and differential grounding.

Like all Nordost cables, the White Lightning Analog Interconnect is manufactured and hand-terminated in the USA, enabling us to further guarantee consistent performance. The result is a high-speed, low-loss interconnect that preserves the sense of musical power and momentum, creating a new performance benchmark at this price level.

Designed with elegant minimalism, the Nordost White Lightning represents a significant step forward in performance while maintaining an affordable price. This high-speed, low-loss cable preserves musical power and momentum with a level of resolution uncommon in this range. Rugged construction and mechanical integrity are the hallmarks of Nordost's precision construction and like all Nordost cables, White Lightning is manufactured and hand-terminated in the USA.

White Lightning employs four 26 AWG, precision-wound silver-plated 99.9999% OFC solid-core conductors. The minimum cross-section configuration eliminates unnecessary fillers and padding elements, while the high-grade FEP insulation reduces White Lightning’s dielectric polarization. Carefully selected low-mass connectors and differential grounding ensure noise immunity, creating a new performance benchmark at this price level.

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Technical Data

Specifications - White Lightning Analog Interconnect - XLR audio cable
Hersteller / Manufacturer: NORDOST
Produktname / Product name: White Lightning Analog Interconnect
Produktart / Product type: XLR-Audiokabel / XLR audio cable
Farbe / Colour: weiß / white
Länge / Length: 2 x 1,0 m
Insulierung / Insulation: fluoriertes Ethylenpropylen (FEP) / fluorinated ethylene propylene (FEP)
Konstruktion / Construction: mechanisch abgestimmt / mechanically tuned lay
Konduktoren / Conductors: 4 x 26 AWG
Kapazität / Capacitance: 43.0pF/ft
Induktivität / Inductance: 0.046µH/ft
Innenleiter-Material / Inner conductor material: versilberter 99,9999% eindrähtiger OFC / silver-plated 99.9999% solid core OFC
Gesamtabschirmung / Overall Shield Coverage: 95%
Ausbreitungsgeschwindigkeit / Velocity of Propagation: 80%
Termination / Termination: vergoldete XLR-Stecker / gold-plated XLR connectors
Kabel-Geometrie / Cable geometry: rund / round
Stecker-Bauform / Plug type: gerade / straight

Scope of Delivery

  • 1 x Nordost - White Lightning Analog Interconnect - XLR audio cable - 2 x 1 meter

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