Sommer Cable 300-0107 - SC-CLASSIQUE - Guitar Cable Vintage Style(1 m / 1 x 0,50 qmm / OFC / tweed-yellow)

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Highlights / Advantages

    The warm and fat sound of the ”Sixties“
    Robust textile jacket in vintage styling
    Very low capacity and double shielding made of copper braiding + semiconductor
    Easy to wind


    Analog cables are used to transmit low frequency audio signals and to connect microphones, speakers and many other audio components.

    In case of fire this cable will not develop any gases that are poisonous to humans, e.g. chloride. This is often a requirement in public buildings. But careful! A halogen-free cable is flammable and normally a flame-resistant effect, known as FRNC (halogen-free and flame-resistant), is required.

Low in fumes
If cables or wiring with insulation or jackets (e.g. made of PVC) containing chlorine burn, dense black fumes will be the result. Halogen-free cables or wiring only develop approx. a tenth of the fume density when compared to PVC-cables or wiring – they are thus considered to be low in fumes.

    SOMMER CABLE mostly uses oxygen-free (OFC) or low-oxygen copper. For your information: Copper has a specific resistance of 0.0178 Ohm per meter, at a diameter of 1 mm². The purer the metal, the smoother it is (high bending cycles!) and the more consistent this value will remain over the years.

    The Pur Master Blend has a jacket mixture on a polyurethane basis, especially developed for SOMMER CABLE. The jacket on the PMB is resistant to notching and cold temperatures (–40 °C) and free of adhesion with a surface that is easy to clean. PMB offers the toughness and temperature resistance of PUR and the ? exibility of PVC. PMB is not halogen-free or ? ame-retardant.

    A granular mix on a PVC-basis, also exclusively developed for SOMMER CABLE. S-PVC is a super soft PVC with the “feeling“ and ? exibility of a soft rubber hose cable, but with signi? cantly more resistance to notching and cold temperatures than most standard PVC-jackets. While most jacket mixtures already start tearing during mobile application of –10 °C, the S-PVC withstands temperatures of –30 °C.

Description of Article:


just as collectors of old guitar technology they can‘t get rid of anything. Now these Classic Freaks can buy just the right cable: The SC-CLASSIQUE looks old, but the technology is new and unused. The core is made up of an inside lead with a diameter of 0.50 mm², consisting of 28 individual fine copper litz, ensuring untainted musical pleasure across lengths of 20 m often considered a problem by spoiled musicians. The cable is rounded off by a thick insulation of foamed and lacquered PE and dense, tin-plated copper braiding. Eye-catching is the additional fabric coating giving the SC-CLASSIQUE the necessary vintage styling. And it also sounds like a cable from the sixties:

The SC-CLASSIQUE convinces with a lot of warmth, a solid sound, and heights as clear as glass.


    High-end guitar and instrument cable with vintage sound and styling
    Unbalanced cable for stage and studio

    Cables for application especially on the stage, for open air festivals, or live events. These cables are easy to wind, simple to handle and will not knot, by using in correct way, so you can't trip when being laid out on stage. They are ideal for the professional and occasional musician.

    Cables for mobile application distinguish themselves through the flexible PVC jacket, a fine-stranded wire construction, high bending cycles, and a low bending radius. They are easy to wind and suitable for outdoor application. For extreme outdoor applications (transmission vehicles, transmission of sporting events, etc.) we recommend the version with a PUR or TPE-jacket. This jacket used on SOMMER CABLEs is extremely resistant to notching, is halogen-free, and also resistant to heat.

    These cables are optimized for sound. The special stranding or wire stranding along with perfect shielding will provide enduring listening pleasure and perfect transmission. They are used in the studio setting, in broadcasting, and in transmission vehicles.

Technische Daten / Technical Data

300-0107 - SC-CLASSIQUE
Aufbau / Construction: LI2Y(LS)CY1x0,50mm2
Cu-Litze pro Ader / Copper strand per conductor: 28 x 0,15 mm
Innen-Leiter / Inner conductor: 1 x 0,50 mm2 (AWG 20)
Material Litzen / Material Leads: OFC - sauerstofffreies Kupfer / Oxygen Free Copper
Kapazität Ader/Schirm bei 1 m / Capacitance of core at 1 m: 78 pF
Leiterwiderstand bei 1 km / Conductor resistance at 1 km: < 0,36 Ohm
Isolationswiderstand bei 1 km / Insulation Resistance at 1 km: > 10 MOhm
Material Mantel (Isolation) / Mantle material (insulation): PVC
Mantel-Durchmesser / Sheath diameter Ø: 6,5 mm
Durchmesser Leiterisolation / Wire insulation diameter Ø: 2,2 mm
Temperaturbereich min.-max. / Temperature range min-max: -30 °C → +70 °C
Brandlast je m / Fire load per m: 0,26 kWh
Gewicht pro 1 m / Weight per 1 m: 51 g
Farbe / Color: tweed-yellow
Hersteller-Artikel-Nr. / Manufacturer Item no.: 300-0107


This article is sold by the meter thus the price refers to 1 meter of cable. If you need more than one meter you need to raise the amount accordingly. For example 2 items equal 2 meters of cable, 3 items equal 3 meters and so forth.

These cables are not pre-assembled which means they are delivered without connectors and such.

Scope of Delivery:

  • 1 x 1m Guitar Cable

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