Pro-Ject DAC Box DS - digital/analog converter (USB / DAC / with display / black)

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    top grade PCM-1792 D/A chip from Texas Instruments
    new elegant DS-Design
    three inputs: 1 x USB, 1 x optical (Toslink), 1 x coax (S/PDIF)
    24bit/192kHz asynchronous USB streaming
    8 times oversampling
    two selectable filter settings
    ultra linear circuitry
    extremely low impedance output stage
    gold-plated RCA line level output sockets
    comfortable switching via buttons on front
    classy & elegant dip switches
    DC power supply (< 1 Watt standby power)
    metal casing protects against vibration and interference
    also available in silver finish
    we are specialized dealer for Pro-Ject products - your authorized dealer in Leipzig


    brushed aluminum in black
    both coaxial and optical digital input and USB input for connection to a computer
    device discovery with standard PC takes place automatically without additional driver installation. For Windows® operating systems, a 24-bit/kHz192 driver must be played to (CD included)
    suitable for the operating systems Windows XP®, Windows Vista®, Windows 7®, Windows 8® and Mac OS
    compact, space-saving design allows installation close to record player
    audiophile-grade amplification modules

Article Description

The advanced DAC Box DS is not only an excellent D/A converter for digital sound sources using optical and coaxial inputs, but also acts as a superior USB audio interface for demanding computer audio.

USB Audio supports 24/192kHz HD music data in fully asynchronous mode.

DAC Box DS incorporates the best in audio grade DAC chips, PCM 1792, which usually only can be found in very expensive high-end designs.

For the engaged audiophile we provide two different filter settings (steep & optimum phase) for selection of your favourite sound preference.

The whole audio circuitry design is ultra linear with low output impedance to avoid any negative interference with cables or pre-amps.

The big display does show selected input, incoming bit depth, filter settings and sampling frequency.

Its class-leading audio performance makes DAC Box DS a outstanding low-cost high-end bargain!

Attention: DAC Box DS - digital/analog converter is also available in silver.

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Technical Data

Pro-Ject - DAC Box DS - digital/analog converter
Hersteller / manufacturer: Pro-Ject
Produktname / product name: DAC Box DS
Produktart / product type: Digital/Analog-Wandler / digital/analog converter
D/A-Baustein / d/a-converter: Texas Instruments PCM-1792 ; 8 x Oversampling
Samplingraten (koax, USB) / sampling rates (coax, USB): 32/44,1/48/88,2/96/176,2/192 kHz
Samplingraten (optisch) / sampling rates (optical): 8/16/32/44,1/48/88,2/96 kHz
Digitale Eingänge / digital inputs: 1 x Koax / coax (S/PDIF)
Analogausgang / output sockets: 1 x USB-B ; 1 Paar RCA/Cinch / 1 pair RCA/RCA connectors
Ausgangsspannung / output voltage: max. 2 Veff
THD (Klirrfaktor) / THD (total harmonic distortion): < 0,1%
Netzteil / power supply: 18V/500mA DC; 220 - 240V, 50Hz
Stromaufnahme / current consumption: 350 mA max, < 1 Watt Standby
Frontfarbe / front plate colour: schwarz / black
Maße B x H x T (T mit Buchsen) / dimensions W x H x D (D with sockets): 103 mm x 72 mm x 144 mm (163 mm)
Gewicht / weight: 1010 g ohne Netzteil / 1010 g without power supply

Scope of Delivery

  • 1 x Pro-Ject - DAC Box DS - digital/analog converter in black
  • 1 x operating instructions / user manual

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