DALI Katch - battery powered Bluetooth loudspeaker (in "Cloud Gray" = beige / 2x 25 W / 2600 mAh internal battery with ca. 24 hours of untethered playback / Bluetooth 4.0 aptX)

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    qualitative battery powered Bluetooth loudspeaker in noble "Cloud Gray" finish (= beige)
    beautiful design and excellent workmanship
    fantastic and amazingly voluminous audio playback
    portable speaker that can be used in a variety of situations
    with integrated leather carry strap
    aptX codec is supported and provides better signal quality
    optimum performances - strong power handling
    enormously capable and tremendously versatile
    KATCH is available in these five colour variations: "Cloud Gray" (beige), "Dark Shadow" (dark blue), "Green Moss" (olive green), "Jet Black" (black) and "Grape Leaf" (grey)
    we are specialized dealer for DALI products - your authorized dealer in Leipzig

Product Description


Setting fresh standards in portable audio, the stunning new KATCH is the ultimate embodiment of DALI’s advanced digital technology and unique design knowhow, bringing both elements together to create a loudspeaker that delivers incredibly rich sound from an incredibly compact chassis.

DALI KATCH is a battery powered Bluetooth speaker. Wrapped in an elegantly rounded solid housing the specially developed drivers deliver the audio signal from the internal digital amplifier. Easily connectable via Bluetooth, and the possibility to enjoy the improved audio quality of Apt-X if supported. The DALI KATCH also support analogue input via mini-jack. Knowing that you will bring you DALI KATCH on the road we included a USB charge output to keep you phone or tablet charged while you rock your beats.

Available in three different colour schemes, "Dark Shadow" (dark blue), "Cloud Gray" (beige) and "Green Moss" (olive green), the DALI KATCH will blend elegantly into almost any environment. The integrated leather carry strap makes it easy and comfortable to bring along the DALI KATCH and the durable design makes it safe to do so.

The DALI KATCH is a portable speaker and will be used in a large variation of situations. To ensure the best possible result in all scenarios, the DALI KATCH has two audio profiles. One is optimized for a linear more neutral frequency response, perfect for most listening situations. The other has added warmth and will work perfectly when playing larger rooms or the music need just that little extra.

Audio Profiles

The DALI KATCH has two audio profiles: 'Clear' and 'Warm'. 'Clear' is perfect for most listening situations and music genres. 'Warm' is for when your music just needs that little extra bass - which also works perfectly when playing larger rooms.


Easily connectable via Bluetooth 4.0 Apt-X. Or go old-school and connect your non-Bluetooth devices through the analogue stereo mini-jack input. Combine that with the USB charge output and you can drive a Chromecast Audio dongle for easy home network integration.

Stereo Pairing

With the advanced Bluetooth 'Stereo Pairing' feature, you can pair your DALI KATCH with an additional KATCH for a true wireless stereo experience. Perfect for visiting friends who also own a DALI KATCH.

Battery Life

The powerful 2600 mAh internal battery offers up to 24-hours of untethered playback. Charging to full within 2-hours. Power-level indicator lights activates by a push of a button - immediately revealing the current power level.


Getting music to the DALI KATCH is as easy as making a Bluetooth connection. Connect traditionally or use NFC for a quick effortless connection. The built-in Bluetooth 4.0 receiver will accept Apt-X connections if the source device is capable. As an alternative option, the DALI KATCH has a stereo mini-jack input, making it easy to connect non Bluetooth devices. The mini-jack input is auto-sensing eliminating the need for additional button presses to play music.

Pressing the Bluetooth button with the mini-jack connected will allow for the possibility to toggle between the mini-jack input and Bluetooth. Alongside the mini-jack input is a USB charge connector and the power connector. The USB charge connector allows you to charge your music device when on the move, but also to drive a Chromecast Audio dongle for easy home network integration.


The internal Li-Ion battery has a total capacity of 2600 mAh, letting the DALI KATCH play at normal volume for a long as 24 hours. The battery is exchangeable, with all components in the battery manufactured by a known brand manufacturer for the best possible stamina. Charging to full within 2-hours with the supplied charger.


Based upon a very strong neodymium magnet, the 21 mm light weight soft dome is extremely compact but at the same time retains a large membrane area. Both factors are extremely important in the DALI KATCH. The compact structure of the soft dome tweeter helps to keep the inner volume of the cabinet as large as possible.

The large surface area of the soft dome ensures that it will reach deep down into the mid-range frequency area without any break up or drops offs, and integrates seamlessly with the woofer in that all important mid-range frequency range. The strong neodymium magnet delivers high power handling and a high sensitivity to the soft dome tweeter, bringing detail, accuracy and speed to the high frequencies.


Designing a bass mid-range woofer with long excursion for a shallow cabinet sounds like a contradiction in terms. None the less, this was the task of the acoustics team. Using a specially designed chassis, inverted membrane and special spider suspension, we managed to get the same maximum excursion as a similar sized traditional woofer. Every extra millimetre gained in internal depth is turned into true low frequency reproduction, letting the woofer generate bass with only light help from the DSP.

Despite the limited baffle surface area, the woofer membrane is a relatively large 3.5”. The outward turned cone is constructed from an aluminium membrane with a soft fabric dust cap. The stiff aluminium cone allows the woofer to move as much air a possible even at mid-range frequencies, and the combination of aluminium and fabric works to lower surface resonances, retaining detail and clarity.


DALI KATCH had to be compact enough to be easily carried or brought along, but at the same time have enough inner volume to reproduce a realistic musical experience. Drawing on our knowledge from the FAZON series, an extruded aluminium body was used in collaboration with front and rear baffles made from an ABS+PC compound. Utilising the great strength of aluminium allowed our design team to design a cabinet with a much thinner structure which maximises the precious internal volume without the loss of the required rigidity.

Matching the aluminium cabinet with a composite front and rear baffle ensures the perfect mix of materials to remove any potential internal resonance and ensures that the cabinet does not add any unwanted acoustic energy to the sound generated by the drivers. The baffles are secured to the aluminium body by screws and airtight EVA gasket, which ensures a tight and vibration free connection to the main cabinet.

Discover your own personal sound experience

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Technical Data

Specifications - DALI - KATCH - battery powered Bluetooth loudspeaker
Hersteller / Manufacturer: DALI
Produktname / Product name: KATCH
Produktart / Product type: akkubetriebener Bluetooth-Lautsprecher / battery powered Bluetooth loudspeaker
Frequenzbereich [+/- 3 dB] / Frequency range [+/- 3 dB]: 49 - 23,000 Hz
Maximaler Schalldruckpegel / Maximum SPL: 95 dB
Übergangsfrequenzen / Crossover frequency: 2.300 Hz
Hochtöner / Tweeter [high frequency driver]: 2 x 21 mm Gewebekalotte / soft textile dome
Tiefmitteltöner / Low midrange woofer [low frequency driver]: 2 x 90 mm Aluminiumkegel mit Stoffkappe / aluminum cone with cloth cap
Passiver Tieftöner / passive lowrange woofer [low frequency passive driver]: 2 x 73 mm x 52 mm mit Stahlkonus / with steel cone
Gehäusetyp / Enclosure type: Geschlossene Box mit zwei Passivmembranen / closed box with dual passive radiators
Maximale Verstärkerleistung [RMS Watt] / Amplifier power output [RMS Watt]: 2 x 25
Verstärker-Bauart / Amplifier type Voll digital Klasse-D / fully digital Class-D
Eingang / Input:
  • 3,5mm Klinke / 3.5 mm mini jack
  • Chromecast bereit / Chromecast ready
Anschlussterminal / Connection output: USB-Anschluss zum Aufladen von Mobilgeräten und zum Anschluss eines Chromcast Dongles / USB port for charging mobile devices and for connecting a chromecast dongle
Drahtloser Eingang / Wireless input: BlueTooth™ 4.0 Apt-X
Empfohlene Aufstellung / Recommended placement:
  • Regal oder Standfuß / shelf or stand
  • Mobil / on the go
  • Bluetooth
Funktionen / Functions:
  • Dual-Ton-Modus (klar/warm)/ dual sound mode (clear/warm)
  • Stereo-Pair-Modus / stereo pair mode
  • Strom An/Aus / power on/off
  • Quellenauswahl / source select
  • Standby (Auto Power) Aus/off
  • Lautstärke / Volume
  • NFC-Paarung / NFC pairing
Stromverbrauch im Standby-Modus [W] / Standby power consumption [W]: < 0,3 (Netzteil / mains adapter)
Maße [H x B x T] / Dimensions [H x W x D]: 138 mm x 268,5 mm x 47 mm
Gewicht / Weight: 1,1 kg
Ausführung / Finish: "Cloud Gray" = beige

Scope of Delivery

  • 1 x DALI - KATCH - battery powered Bluetooth loudspeaker in "Cloud Gray" finish
  • 1 x universal mains adapter (1.75 m wire length)
  • 1 x mains adapter plugs
  • 1 x travel bag
  • 1 x quick start guide
  • 1 x operating instruction / user manual

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