Watson´s RCM 230V - record cleaning machine with 12" vacuum arm (in black)

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    complete ready to start package for wet vinyl cleaning
    superfast & strong cleaning
    label protection is done by waterproof clamp
    well built with a solid aluminium chassis
    forms a stable platform for holding the disc while cleaning
    has no play in the platter, rotates smoothly
    platter will not get wet because of its smaller size
    can withstand pressure from the brush without slowing down
    removes fluid and debris with a strong vacuum
    vacuum arm lifts up when vacuum is switched off
    the felt strips on the vacuum arm are replaceable
    has a container for used fluid
    attention: cleaning fluid is not supplied
    we are specialized dealer for a lot of hifi products - your authorized dealer in Leipzig

Product Description

A Record Cleaning Machine doesn't do all the cleaning automatically for you but it certainly makes record cleaning easy.

The Watson's Record Cleaning Machine does just that, makes it easy, without making it expensive! Once you use it, you'll wish you'd had it earlier; this machine is a real godsend!

The Watson's Record Cleaning Machine gives you a stable platform to attach your disc so that it's easy to apply the Record Cleaning Fluid. You can clean by using the supplied brush, the Watson's won't slow down or make your record slip on the platter when you apply more pressure. It dries the record by suction and the vacuum motor is strong enough to do its job in just two rotations.

The Watson's record Cleaning Machine is solidly built. The full aluminium body forms a strong base for all its components. The platter is stable and smaller than the record. This smaller size keeps the platter dry if you mistakenly apply too much fluid to the disc. The heavy-duty bearing means that the platter rotates without friction and without play when pressure is applied.

The supplied record clamp attaches to the threaded spindle. It holds the disc firmly in place preventing it from slipping. It turns counter-clockwise onto the spindle so it will fasten itself more firmly when force is applied on the brush or the record. Very importantly, it also protects the record label from moisture.

The vacuum arm supplied with the Watson's is designed for 12-inch vinyl. Additional arms for 7-inch and 10-inch records are available. The felt strips on the vacuum arm prevent rough contact between the arm and the record. The strips are replaceable. The vacuum strength can be controlled with the vacuum control knob.

Using the Watson's is as simple as it can be. First put the record on the platter and screw the clamp on the spindle. Then start rotating the platter by flipping the upper switch. Now apply the cleaning fluid and spread it evenly over the surface with the brush, without applying pressure. When the fluid covers the disc evenly, apply pressure with the brush and let the record spin a few rotations. The brush and fluid together will do the cleaning. As soon as you think the brushing is sufficient, flip the lower switch to turn on the vacuum. Within two rotations the vacuum will remove all dirt and debris from the record's surface. Once the record is dry, switch off the vacuum first, the vacuum arm will then raise automatically. Next, switch off the platter rotation, take your record off and enjoy the sound.

A very strong point is - if necessary - we can order spare parts if something should fail. However, we don't expect that you'll encounter any problems. A Watson's Record Cleaning Machine is meant to last for a long time; it's well designed and well built.


Optionally, there is a soft dust cover available.

Technical Data

Watson's - RCM 230V
Hersteller / Manufacturer: Watson's
Leistungsaufnahme / Power consumption: Sauger / Vacuum: 600 Watt
Plattenteller / Platter: 15 Watt
Netzspannung/ Mains Voltage: 230 Volt/50 Hz
Sicherungswert / Fuse rating: 5 AT
Abmessungen (H x B x T) / Dimensions (H x W x D): 30cm x 30,5cm x 18,5cm
Überhang / Overhang: Plattenteller: 23mm an drei Seiten
Platter: 23mm on three sides
Farbausführung / Colour finish: schwarz / black
Gewicht / Weight: 8,5kg

Scope of delivery

  • 1 x Watson's - RCM 230V - record cleaning machine in black
  • 1 x 12" vacuum arm with felt strips
  • 1 x Record clamp, to fix the record on the platter
  • 1 x Power cable with EU-Schuko plug
  • 1 x application bottle for cleaning fluid
  • 1 x record cleaning brush
  • 1 x User manual

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