AVID Ingenium Plug & Play - record player (33 & 45 rpm / incl. AVID TA-1 - tonearm / incl. AVID CA-1 - MM cartridge / black)

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    high quality AVID - Ingenium Plug & Play - record player in black
    including pre-assembled AVID CA-1 - MM cartridge
    including pre-assembled AVID TA-1 - tonearm
    turntable platter / overlay = MDF with cork mat
    three special elastomer feet made of sorbothane plastic
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Product Description

AVID - Ingenium Plug & Play
Even AVID's entry-level drive INGENIUM has numerous genes of the larger turntable models. Thus, the T-shaped chassis, with the bearing and tonearm are firmly connected, from 6.35 centimeters thick solid aluminum, forming a stable, absolutely torsionally rigid base for the turntable. The INGENIUM rests on three elastomer feet made of the dimensionally stable, but elastically deformable plastic sorbothane. As a result, on the one hand ensures a secure state of the drive, on the other hand vibrations and externally applied movements are extremely effectively damped.
From the larger DIVA II the turntable plate and the plate bearing are borrowed, which is a so-called inverted bearing. It consists of an upstanding conical bearing mandrel made of steel, at its flattened tip a small ball of tungsten carbide rests. Hereupon the outer part of the bearing firmly connected to the subplate rests. Due to the conical shape of the bearing and the small ball, the bearing is almost wear-free and particularly quiet. Therefore, it even comes out almost without lubrication. All that is needed is a thin oil film that is automatically fed from a small reservoir above the storage level. As accessories, a threaded pin with screw-on plate clamp are available. The engine is completely outsourced. He stands behind the chassis in a heavy engine box, which is decoupled by a rubber ring from the ground and drives the inner plate over a classic round silicone belt.
The INGENIUM is far more than a low-cost entry into the drive world of AVID HiFi, he is a standalone, mature and sonorous turntable, which raises the listening analog discs to another level of quality.

The Essentials

Tonearm - AVID TA-1 is a light precision tonearm

Cartridge - AVID CA-1 MM moving magnet cartridge preassembled

33.3 / 45 rpm - You can easily switch between 33.3 rpm and 45 rpm

Turntable feet - The turntable rests on three elastomer feet made of the dimensionally stable, but elastically deformable plastic sorbothane

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Technical Data

Specifications - AVID - Ingenium Plug & Play
Hersteller / Manufacturer: AVID
Produktname / Product name: Ingenium Plug & Play
Produktart / Product type: Plattenspieler / record player
Tonabnehmer (vormontiert) / Cartridge (pre-assembled): AVID CA-1 (MM = Moving Magnet)
Tonarm (vormontiert) / Tonearm (pre-assembled): AVID TA-1
Geschwindigkeiten / Speed: 33,3 / 45 U/min/rpm
Antriebsprinzip / Drive principle: Riemenantrieb mit Wechselstrommotor / belt drive with AC motor
Plattenteller (Auflage) / Turntable platter: MDF (mit Korkmatte / with cork mat)
Plattentellergewicht / Turntable platter weight: 2,5 kg (mit/with AVID Clamp)
Elastomer-Füße / Elastomer feet: Aus Sorbothan Kunststoff / made of sorbothane plastic
Motor / Motor: 12mNm AC synchronisiert/synchronized 115/230 V (entkoppelt/decoupled)
Eingansspannung / Input voltage: 115-240VAC 50/60Hz 10 Watt max. (regionalbedingt/regional)
Lager / Bearing: invertierter Edelstahl / inverted stainless steel
Lagerdorn Druckpunkt / Thrust point: Wolframcarbit & Saphir / tungsten carbide & sapphire
Federung / Suspension: Elastomerlager / elastomeric bearing
Farbe / Colour: Schwarz / black
Maße (B x H x T) / Dimensions (W x H x D): 40,5 cm x 13,0 cm x 30,5 cm
Produktgewicht / Product weight: 6,0 kg
Versandgewicht / Shipping weight: 8,5 kg

Scope of Delivery

  • 1 x AVID - Ingenium Plug & Play - record player in black incl. AVID TA-1 - tonearm and incl. AVID CA-1 - MM cartridge
  • 1 x operating instructions

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