WBT - 0765 classic - pole terminals (4 pieces)

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    high quality pole terminals
    particularly high contact pressure for cable lugs by fine thread and paving milling
    pat. secured clamping nut for maximum connection hold
    solder or crimp connection
    CE and IEC compliant by makrolon full insulation
    24 carat multi-layer gilding
    max. continuous current 70 A
    torsion-proof mounting
    puzzle plate system
    we are specialized dealer for hifi products - your authorized dealer in Leipzig

Product description

The design of the clamping nut is designed for perfect grip. The surface is gilded to prevent any corrosion. IC- and IEC-conformity is achieved by a transparent Makrolon-insulation of all voltage-carrying parts.

External connection 4 mm banana plug
A 4 mm banana plug can be connected in the front part of the clamping nut.

Cable lugs and crimped cable ends (up to 6 mm²) With the clamping nuts, cable lugs as well as crimped cable ends can be connected with high pressure. Thanks to the paving milling of the pressure plate floor, the connection is ensured permanently with a very low transition resistance. In addition, the shearing off of cable leads is prevented if bare cable ends are used. The clamping nut is designed in two parts, the lower part is freely rotatable. This prevents the shearing off of cable leads if bare cable ends are used.

Internal connection
Cables can be used up to a conductor cross section of 10 mm². The connections can be soldered or crimped. WBT recommends the surface-friendly silver solder WBT-0800 for soldering.
A Torx screw T.6 is also required for the crimp connection technology.

Installation Installation insulations are supplied which, in addition to the insulated assembly, also ensure a non-rotating mounting and the polarity detection. This also includes locknuts, double stage discs with nose and puzzles. These jigsaw puzzles can be clipped into one another. This results in precise terminal distances of 19 or 30 mm, but above all an absolute anti-twist protection. In the case of loudspeaker-borne devices such as loudspeakers, for example, the WBT fan disc WBT-9150 should be fitted with an additional nut protection. When the WBT-9404 spacer is used, the WBT-0765 can also be installed comfortably as a double-pole terminal with a predetermined 19mm spacing. Thanks to the snap-in grooves, the inlet opening for connecting cables is rotatable in 45° steps. (WBT-9404 is included in each end-user package, otherwise not included in the scope of delivery.)

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Technical Data

Specifications - WBT-0765 classic - pole terminals
Hersteller / Manufacturer: WBT
Produktname / Product name: WBT-0765 classic
Produkttyp / Product type: Polklemmen / pole terminals
Qualität / Quality: hochwertig / high quality
Leiterquerschnitt (max.) / Cross section (max.): Außen / outside: 6 mm² (9 AWG)
Innen / inside: 10 mm² (7 AWG)
Anschlusstechnik (innen) / Connection technology (inside): Crimpen (Torxschraube T.6 erforderlich) oder Löten / Crimping (torx screw T.6 required) or soldering
Anschlusstechnik (außen) / Connection technology (outside): 4-mm-Bananenstecker, Kabelschuhe (6 - 8 mm Gabel), Crimpen / 4 mm banana plug, cable lugs (6 - 8 mm fork), crimping
Kennung / Recognition: 0,1 - 10 mm
Einbau / Installation: mit Abstandhalter WBT-9404 auch als Doppelklemme / with spacer WBT-9404 also as double clamp

Scope Of Delivery

  • 4 x WBT-0765 classic - pole terminals

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