AVM INSPIRATION CS2.2 LE - all-in-one device (CD receiver / hi-fi streaming with TIDAL, Qobuz, UPnP, WebradioStreaming / Bluetooth 4.2 / FM tuner / DAC / 2x 150 W / black)

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   compact streaming CD receiver in black finish
   equipped with 2 x 150 Watts (highly efficient power amps with 150 W/channel)
   hi-fi streaming (TIDAL, Qobuz, UPnP, Webradio and more)
   numerous analog & digital connections incl. phono input
   Bluetooth 4.2
   FM RDS tuner & webradio
   incl. DAC
   TEAC pure CD drive with slot-in mechanism (spring suspended)
   2 analog inputs (2 x RCA)
   2 analog outputs (1 x Line/Fix Out RCA + 1 x Pre/Var Out RCA)
   3 digital inputs (1 x Coax, 1 x Opto, 1 x USB A Stick/HDD) + Bluetooth 4.2
   2 digital outputs (1 x Coax + 1 x Opto)
   1 phono input (MM & MC)
   headphone output with 3.5 mm plug
   web radio: vTuner internet radio service, auto network configuration, internet radio station database (automatic updates)
   supported streaming services = QOBUZ, TIDAL (currently up to 16bit/44.1kHz)
   tone control and parametric loudness with bypass-function (switchable)
   vast menu functions (i.e. adjustable input sensitivity, individual naming of inputs etc.)
   tone control - balance, bass, countour (loudness), treble
   LAN & UPnP & WiFi
   large blue graphic display (dimmable)
   low-leakage and energy-efficient power supply
   RC S remote control app for iOS and Android for remote operation of all streaming-capable components of AVM
   optionally, there is the shapely RC 9 full metal remote control made of aluminum with colour display
   the CS 2.2 LE is a dedicated version for the German market only
   the compact streaming CD receiver is also available in silver finish
   we are dealer for AVM products - your authorized dealer in Leipzig

Product description

INSPIRATION CS2.2 LE - compact streaming CD receiver with 2 x 150 Watts

The most compact music system by AVM is their CS2.2 LE. Despite it’s small size, the CS2.2 LE offers a large variety of connectivity and control functions. All well known formats are supported when music is streamed from different sources. Furthermore the CS2.2 LE offers a variety of digital inputs like synchronous USB input and SPDIF in and outputs. A NAS or external drive are supported as well as a USB jump drive (stick). An excellent Phono stage is on board as well as 3 line inputs.

The firmware of the streaming client is updateable and upgradeable, making the CS2.2 LE future proof. This way possible future formats may be implemented as well. The 150 Watt/ch strong amplifier easily handles all speakers, even critical speakers. Cutting edge technologies are applied when it comes to digital signal processing with all digital signals being up sampled to 192kHz/24bit and a dual DAC converting to analog signal from this format. All this ensures a perfect music reproduction from every applicable source. Special focus was put on achieving the most authentic reproduction from CD. The acoustically shielded Pure CD drive is spring mounted end effectively protected from vibrations and footfall.

During the manufacturing process we perform repeatedly numerous tests to insure the absolute quality of our products. When the assembling is finished and the first inspection is done all units must pass a run in test in order to prove their reliability. After that a careful final inspection follows before packing & shipping. All this ensures creating a perfect product from AVM for our customers.

Sonically at the highest level, the CS2.2 LE captivates with its beautiful design. The perfectly finished brushed aluminum housing is assembled without any recognizable screw connections.

All AVM masterpieces with integrated streaming functionality include support for TIDAL and QOBUZ (currently up to 16bit/44.1kHz). Both services are innovative music streaming platforms offering high-fidelity sound quality, expertly curated content, and unique artists experiences for registered subscribers.

The beautiful RC 9 remote control with color display is available as an option. This programmable and rechargeable IR/RF remote control always comes with a charging dock.

The AVM RC S App for iOS and Android devices will turn your smartphone or tablet into an easy-to-use remote control for your AVM audio components with integrated streaming capabilities and provides a variety of intuitive features to get the most out of your network-enabled AVM HiFi device.

Like all AVM hi-fi components the CS2.2 LE is carefully developed and assembled by AVM engineers in Malsch, Germany. The AVM vendors for housing and electronic parts reside all near-by. This proximity helps AVM to easily ensure and maintain superb quality level of the supplied parts for the AVM hi-fi components made of these.

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Technical Data

Specifications - AVM - INSPIRATION CS2.2 LE
Hersteller / Manufacturer: AVM
Produktserie / Product series: INSPIRATION
Produktname / Product name: INSPIRATION CS2.2 LE
Produkttyp / Product type: Compact Streaming CD-Receiver / compact streaming CD receiver
Besonderheit des Geräts / Special feature of the device: All-In-One Gerät / all-in-one device
Farbe / Colour: schwarz / black
Verstärker / Amplifier
Empfindlichkeit Hochpegel / Sensitivity high level: 12,5 mV – 125 mV
Empfindlichkeit Phono / Sensitivity phono: 40 µV – 400 µV
Eingangsimpedanz Hochpegel / Input impedance high level: 6,8 kOhm
Eingangsimpedanz Phono / Input impedance phono: 47 kOhm / 100 pF
Störabstand Hochpegel / SNR high level: 96 dB(A)
Störabstand Phono / SNR phono 83 dB(A)
Kanaltrennung / Channel separation: 55 dB
Frequenzgang / Frequency response: <5 Hz - >50 kHz
Klirrfaktor / THD: <0,1% @ 25 W/4 Ohm
Dämpfungsfaktor / Damping factor: >200
Leistung / Output: 4 Ohm: 2 x 150 Watt
Frequenzbereich / Frequency range: 87,5 - 108,0 MHz
Abstimmschritt / Tuning step: 50 kHz
Empfindlichkeit / Sensitivity: 1,5 µV / 50 µV (mono / stereo)
Störabstand / SNR: 73 / 68 dB(A) (mono / stereo)
CD, digital in/out
Formate / Formats: CD-Audio, CD-R
CD-Laufwerk / CD drive: TEAC Pure-CD / TEAC pure CD
Upsampling / Upsampling: 192 / 24 Bit
Frequenzgang / Frequency response: <5 Hz - 20 kHz
Deemphasis / Deemphasis: ja, automatisch / yes, automatically
Digital-Eingänge / Digital inputs: 1 x Coax
1 x Opto
1 x USB A (Stick/HDD)
Bluetooth 4.2
USB-Eingang / USB input: bis/ up to 48 kHz / 16 Bit
Digital-Ausgänge / Digital outputs: 1 x Coax
1 x Opto
Streaming Formate / Streaming formats: MP3, WMA, AAC, OGG Vorbis, FLAC (192/32 über/through LAN), WAV (192/32 über/through LAN), AIFF (192/32 über/through LAN), ALAC (96/24 über/through LAN)
Unterstützte Streaming-Services / Supported streaming services: QOBUZ, TIDAL (derzeit bis / currently up to 16bit/44.1kHz)
Unterstütze Medienserver / Supported media server: UPnP 1.1
UPnP-AV & DLNA-kompatible/compatible Server
Microsoft Windows Media Connect Server (WMDRM 10)
DLNA-kompatible Server: NAS / DLNA compatible server: NAS
Webradio / Web radio: vTuner Internet Radio-Service / vTuner internet radio service
Automatische Netzwerkkonfiguration / auto network configuration
Internet Radio-Station-Datenbank (automatische Updates) / internet radio station database (automatic updates)
Digitale Signalverarbeitung / Digital signal processing: 192kHz / 24Bit (Upsampling aller einkommenden Signale erfolgt auf dieses Format / upsampling of all incoming signals is done in this format)
Netzwerfunktionen / Network functionalities: LAN & UPnP & WLAN/WiFi
Klangregelung / Tone control: Balance, Bass, Kontur/countour (Lautstärke/loudness), Höhen/treble
Allgemeines / General
Home-Theater / AV-Bypass / home theater / AV bypass: Analogeingänge
Digitaleingänge (Opto/Coax)
Lautsprecherausgänge / Speaker Outputs: 1 x Paar / 1 x pair
Analog-Eingänge / Analog inputs: 2 x Cinch/RCA
Analog-Ausgänge / Analog outputs: 1 x Line/Fix Out Cinch/RCA
1 x Pre/Var Out Cinch/RCA
Stromverbrauch / Power supply: 230 Volt AC 50Hz
Standby / Standby: <1 W
Maße (B x H x T) / Dimensions (W x H x D): 350 mm x 95 mm x 350 mm
Gewicht / Weight: 9 kg

Scope of Delivery

  • 1 x AVM - INSPIRATION CS2.2 LE - all-in-one device in black
  • 1 x power supply
  • 1 x WiFi antenna
  • 1 x operating instruction

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