Dension Gateway Lite BT - GBL3AI2 - iPod / iPhone / USB / Bluetooth Interface for AUDI (A3 / A4 / TT)

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Highlights / Functions

  • Integrated Bluetooth® Hands-free set (microphone included)
  • Music Streaming (A2DP)* via Bluetooth from your mobile phone to your car stereo or navigation system
  • Hands-free talking (HFP)* via Bluetooth from your car stereo or navigation system to your mobile phone
  • Retrofit an iPod/iPhone** interface and a USB port while keeping your current car stereo or navigation system
  • Best sound quality: all audio signals are input via the CD changer input and output via the original car speakers
  • iPod and iPhone are supplied with current**
  • USB support*** for mass storage devices like USB thumb drives, smaller USB HDD or USB MP3 player, etc.
  • Supported formats: MP3, OGG, WMA & WAV
  • Plug & Play solution, uninstalls without leaving marks (e.g. ideal for leased vehicles!)
  • without cable mess in the passenger area
  • parallel usage of navigation system and traffic message channel remains


    Longer cable harness - The device is easily accessible in the glovebox.
  1A charging by default - No additional cost for iPhone 4/4S use.
  Aux cable accessory - Any multimedia player can be connected.
  Bluetooth capability for all car compatibilities - wider available feature set.
  New technology – new HMI - High-class user experience.

Article description

The Dension Gateway Lite BT is an easy to use starter model for retrofitting an interface for iPod/iPhone** and USB flash drives or smaller USB hard disks*** in vehicles that are not able to display text information like CD text or ID3 tags. Furthermore, it provides the possibility of streaming music via Bluetooth (A2DP)* and making calls through your car stereo (HFP)*. Calls are picked up by pressing one of the car radio's buttons, but the numbers are to be dialed via the mobile phone.

With this Gateway you don't have to remember difficult menu structures or have to perform complex operations - just insert your iPod/iPhone or USB thumb drive. The music starts to play automatically if the CD changer input is selected. You can connect USB Mass Storage Devices*** and iPod or iPhone**.

In order to keep the interface as simple as possible, it does not provide the possibility to actively switch between USB and iPod/iPhone by pressing a button - the least connected device is activated. Only one device can be selected at a time, either USB or iPod/iPhone. You can select the titles directly via iPod/iPhone or you can use the cars stereo's or the steering wheel remote controls' buttons (if equipped) to select the next or previous title.

USB port

Connect USB mass storage devices like USB thumb drives, USB hard disks (HDD up to 250 MB)*** or USB MP3 players containing music files.

Technische Daten / Technical data: USB
Anschlusstyp / connection Type: USB 1.1 und höher / USB 1.1 and higher
Dateisystem / File system: FAT16 oder FAT32 / FAT16 or FAT32
Speicherkapazität / Storage capacity: Bis zu 250GB / Up to 250GB
Abspielbare Musikformate / Playable music formats: MP3, WMA, WAV und OGG /


* given that your mobile phone supports the Bluetooth® profiles A2DP and HFP. The quality might vary depending on the telephone and car stereo / navigation system.
** Connecting and charging an iPod or iPhone requires an optional Docking Cable (IPO5DC9) or Active Cradle (IP51CR9 or IP44CR9). Please note the accessory's compatibility (see optional accessories)!
*** USB hard disks which require more than 0.5 up to 1.0 Ampere need an additional USB Power Booster (see optional accessories).

Optional accessories

  • 11002850 - IP51CR9 - Active Cradle (e.g. for iPhone 3G/GS) - can be placed in the driver's field of view
  • 11001309 - IP44CR9 - Active Cradle (e.g. for iPhone 4/4S) - can be placed in the driver's field of view
  • 11002849 - IPO5DC9 - Docking Cable - can be placed discretely in the glove box or center armrest
  • 11001307 - UPB1000 - USB Power Booster (for USB HDD that need more than 0.5 up to 1.0 Ampere)***

Scope of Delivery

  • 1 x Gateway Lite BT - GBL3AI2 - iPod / iPhone / USB / Bluetooth - Interface
  • 1 x Microphone & mounting clip
  • 1 x Vehicle/system specific connection cable (image differently)
  • 1 x Installation Description (ENG)

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