Atacama EVOQUE ECO 60/40 SE2 - hi-fi rack - base module (made from dark bamboo solid wood = dark bamboo / satin black leg modules / incl. spikes)

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    base module for qualitative hi-fi rack made from dark bamboo solid wood for residential use
    any combination of shelf modules can be used
    the best processing and materials in easy design for highest pleasure
    hi-fi rack suitable for all brands and models
    high load capacity and universally applicable
    improved mechanically tuned leg lengths
    A.V.R.D.C = advanced vectored resonance deflection channel
    advanced bronze isolation coned spikes
    side edge contoured bamboo panels
    the product being sold is exclusively the base module of the EVOQUE ECO 60/40 SE2
    this special edition is available with these 4 different sizes: the base level module, the 165 mm, the 215 mm and the 265 mm level shelf-module
    with this particular product, we would like to point out that there might be delivery waiting times due to the exclusivity
    in case electronic devices are shown, they are not included in the scope of delivery
    we are specialized dealer for a lot of hi-fi products - your authorized dealer in Leipzig

Product Description

The EVOQUE ECO 60/40 SE2 is technologically almost identical to the standard EVOQUE ECO 24/16 - DESIGN EDITION and the EVOQUE ECO 60/40 SE - SPECIAL EDITION.

The new EVOQUE ECO 60/40 SE2 series by Atacama brings the latest technological upgrades to the award winning EVOQUE range, featuring additional advancements in deflection channels and leg component design over the standard edition of the EVOQUE ECO 24/16 - DESIGN EDITION and the EVOQUE ECO 60/40 SE - SPECIAL EDITION.

Additional features and benefits of the EVOQUE ECO 60/40 SE2 include various upgrades over the previous SE - SPECIAL EDITION such as for example:

Improved mechanically tuned leg lengths;

A.V.R.D.C = advanced vectored resonance deflection channel;

Advanced bronze isolation coned spikes;

Side edge contoured bamboo panels.

By the way: EVOQUE ECO 60/40 SE2 has already won this price: What Hifi Magazine "Best Equipment Rack" 2019 Award Winner.

All of the available leg packs of base, 165 mm, 215 mm and 265 mm heights are supplied in a satin black finish in order to allow also this edition to match the extensive range of Atacama speaker stands.

Any combination of shelf modules can be used and placed on a base module up to a maximum height of 1255 mm (50").

The weight capacity is 30 kg (66 lbs.) per level dependent on overall storage requirement.

EVOQUE ECO 60/40 SE2 is manufactured in the UK by the company Atacama and due to the exclusive processing of bamboo timber it takes a few days longer to manufacture than ordinary audio furniture. There are indeed plenty of products in our warehouse, but sometimes it can unfortunately happen that the delivery might be delayed - we kindly advise you to notice this when ordering this particular product.

Attention: with this product there may likely be delivery delays due to the exclusivity. We therefore ask you to get in contact with us in advance either by phone or email.

Additional features and benefits of the EVOQUE ECO 60/40 SE2

SE2 upgrade over SE – Improved Mechanically Tuned Leg Lengths

Leg lengths are 5 mm longer than standard EVOQUE ECO 60/40 SE, thus further lowering the resonance frequency of each module when compared to an equivalent standard EVOQUE ECO 60/40 SE.

SE2 upgrade over SE – A.V.R.D.C Advanced Vectored Resonance Deflection Channels

Each bamboo panel has new A.V.R.D.C = advanced vectored resonance deflection channels. A.V.R.D.C. is the three-dimensional curvature geometric design that has been crafted into the underside of each shelf module. This newly developed multi curve pattern neutralises high frequency harmonic energy by directing it away from the supported equipment toward the leg grounding components. Each channel has been cut into a "V shape" then curved so directing the maximum amount of energy that is entering the shelf vertically into a horizontal axis towards the leg components so avoiding resonance feedback and maximising each modules performance.

SE2 upgrade over SE – Advanced Bronze Isolation Coned Spikes

With so much resonance being directed away from the bamboo, the spike interface has now been further opened so avoiding a constriction of this energy and allowing it to freely dissipate to the floor. These new spikes are longer and shaped to maximise energy transference between each module while still offering a level of isolation. Atacama calls this mechanical grounding.

SE2 upgrade over SE – Side Edge Contoured Bamboo Panels

By adding contoured edges to the two side faces of each bamboo module, resonance energy in the form of standing waves can be avoided and are instead directed towards the new A.V.R.D.C channels so aiding the efficiency of each shelf. When the wave bounces off the edge surface, it changes phase. In the case of waves that create a standing wave, the reflected wave is a mirror image of the original. The waves then combine. If the amplitudes of the two waves have the same sign (both positive / both negative), they will add together to form a wave with a larger amplitude. This adding together is called constructive interference. The side edge contouring helps to avoid this.

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Technical Data

Specifications - Atacama - EVOQUE ECO 60/40 SE2 - hi-fi rack - base module
Hersteller / Manufacturer: Atacama UK
Produktserie / Product series: EVOQUE ECO 60/40 SE2
Produktname / Product name: EVOQUE ECO 60/40 SE2
Produktart / Product type: Hi-Fi-Rack / hi-fi rack
System / System: modular
Ebene / Level: Basis-Ebene (75 mm) / base module (75 mm)
Holzfarbe / Wood colour: dark bamboo = dunkles Bambus Vollholz / dark bamboo solid wood
Farbe der Säulenmodule (standardmäßig) / Colour of column modules (standard): Satin schwarze Bein-Module / satin black leg modules
Regalbrettstärke (standardmäßig) / Rack shelf thickness (standard): massive 40 mm Bambus / solid 40 mm bamboo
Maße außen (B x T) / Dimensions external (W x D): 600 mm x 400 mm
Maße innen (B x T) / Dimensions internal (W x D): 500 mm x 300 mm
Höhe außen / Height external: 115 mm
Höhe innen (Innenlagerhöhe) / Height internal (internal storage height): 75 mm
Zubehör / Accessory: inklusive Spikes / including spikes

Scope of Delivery

  • 1 x Atacama - EVOQUE ECO 60/40 SE2 - hi-fi rack - base module made from dark bamboo solid wood

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