ATR Jazz At The Pawnshop - LP (180 gram vinyl / ATR Mastercut Recording LP / new & sealed / ATR-LP 003)

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    Arne Domnérus - a special artist
    6 songs - an audiophile vinyl
    platter play speed: 33 rpm
    a re-release as a LP with 180 gram vinyl - distributed by Audio Trade
    we are dealer for various HiFi products - your authorized dealer in Leipzig
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Product description

The audiophile jazz classics par excellence! In 1975 it was recorded at the Stampen-Club in Stockholm, and this recording took his triumph over the world. Why triumph? Because this disc, like hardly any other, transports the live atmosphere 1:1. The audience murmurs, in the background glasses are clinking, the cash register rattles. Just the sounds that can be heard in a liveclub. The band interprets through the jazz standards and acts with audible joy.

The friendly people of ATR have been able to deal with the medium records for years and have been pressing at the German Pallas and are therefore on the same level as the music and the sound of the Jazz At The Pawnshop.

The pure pleasure of vinyl!

ATR-MASTERCUT RECORDINGS correspond to the highest level of today's record technology and are produced uncompromisingly for the serious hobby and music lover.
Without any filters and limiters, the Master's high-speed original recording takes you directly to the cutting stylus.
The result is a hitherto unattained frequency response and an extremely extended dynamic, which can only be sampled by high-quality, precisely adjusted tonearm / pickup combinations.
If, in particular in the high-frequency range, sampling distortions are detected, the record player must be checked in order to avoid damage to the valuable records.

The best sound is achieved by the use of L'Art du Son LP cleaner before playing.


  1. Limehouse Blues - 9:35
  2. I'm Confessin - 8:00
  3. High Life - 6:40
  4. Lady Be Good - 9:00
  5. Take Five - 7:00
  6. Everything Happens To Me - 5:00


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  • 1 x Arne Domnérus: Jazz At The Pawnshop - LP (180 gram vinyl / ATR Mastercut Recording LP / new & original sealed / ATR-LP 003)
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