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Kimber Kable 4PR - loudspeaker cable assembled on both sides with SBAN bananas (1 x 1m / black&brown / OFC / specially woven / 2 x 2mm²)

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    Kimber Kable - 4PR = specially woven loudspeaker cable with 2 x 2mm² cable cross-section             the cable is assembled on both sides with SBAN bananas
    optically sophisticated interweaving of the strands             robust plastic sheathing
    OFC – oxygene free copper             the cable is black & brown colour-mixed
    massive and high-quality copper conductors             Frequency response ± 0.5 dB: dc - 100 kHz
    (Cp) parallel capacitance: 312.0 pF @ 20 kHz             (Ls) series inductance: 0.654 µH @ 20 kHz
    (Rdc) dc loop resistance: 0.041 Ohm             (Xt) total reactance: 0.0825 Ohm @ 20 kHz


This here is ONE PIECE of loudspeaker cable. For ONE PAIR of loudspeaker cable, please select amount/quantity: 2

The cable is pre-assembled. This means it is stripped and supplied with SBAN bananas connectors.

Product Description

Kimber Kable - 4PR - high-quality loudspeaker cable assembled on both sides with SBAN bananas (specially woven black&brown cable with 2 x 2mm² cable cross-section).

This quality loudspeaker cable is characterized particularly by its optically sophisticated interweaving of the strands - a striking feature.

The SBAN bananas from Kimber Kable are very good banana connectors, mechanical and electrical. The high-end banana plugs have a high practicality at an attractive price with a very good sound. Years of trouble-free use is guaranteed with this classic 4mm connection.

The PM33 cable lugs from Kimber Kable are crimped and soldered to the cable ends. They consist of one piece and are coated with rhodium. Here comes the sandwich construction to wear: the shoe consists of two metal layers and a Teflon layer. The Teflon is easily compressible and creates a strong back pressure. This creates an elastic connection that does not loosen by thermal expansion or vibration. 8 large contact points ensure the best possible current flow.

In 1979 this classic design put Kimber Kable on the map and after improvements over time, is still considered the reference for affordable loudspeaker cables. Millions of feet of this remarkable cable have been sold. The construction consists of four brown and four black conductors that utilize our proven braiding technique. The aggregate wire size is two 14 awg conductors. Even the most basic systems, old and new, will benefit significantly from this legendary performer. When demonstrating Kimber Kable to a new dealer this cable is used with the most modest system available. With 4PR, the system performs as if costing twice as much. Bass and treble frequencies are allowed their full extension, while dynamics emerge unrestrained. The 4PR is also an excellent cable for professional and studio use due to its inherent ability to reject noise in any cable length.

Technical Data

Kimber Kable - 4PR - high-quality loudspeaker cable with SBAN bananas
Hersteller / Manufacturer: Kimber Kable
Produkttyp / Product type: Lautsprecherkabel / loudspeaker cable
Produktname / Product name: 4PR
Herstellernummer / Manufacturer number: 90-00021-100-SBAN
Kabellänge / Cable length: 1 x 1,00 m
Kabelquerschnitt / Cable cross-section: 2 x 2,0 mm²
Kabelgeometrie / Cable geometry: rund / round
Aussehen / Appearance: schwarz&braun / black&brown
Konfektioniert / Assembled: ja / yes
Art der verwendeten Stecker / Type of connectors used: SBAN Bananas / SBAN bananas
Besonderheit / Particularity: extra verflochten / specially woven
Signalart / Signal: Audio
Signalrichtung / Signal direction: IN / OUT
Kabel-Ummantelung / Cable sleeving: Kunststoff PVC / plastic
Innenleiter-Material / Inner conductor material: sauerstofffreies Kupfer / oxygen free copper

Scope of Delivery

  • 1 x 1m Kimber Kable - 4PR - high-quality loudspeaker cable assembled on both sides with SBAN bananas (specially woven black&brown cable with 2 x 2mm² cable cross-section)

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