Sommer Cable - HICON EPB1-0200 - EPILOGUE Series - LF-phono cable 2 x XLR Male auf 2 x XLR Female (2 pc / 2,0 m / silver/yellow)

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    Very neutral, true sound, and a full sound image for perfect transmission of classical instruments
    Conservative, but attractive optics in a British tradition
    Absolute reference for almost all well-known recording and master studios
    For symmetric applications available with "SATIN" XLR connectors that hold in the Male and Female version turned, genuine gold-plated contacts and a capacitive screen cable box connection to RF interference. This special EMC version with 360 ° shielding contact is made by NEUTRIK SOMMER CABLE exclusively.
    Extremely low capacity of 35 pF wire/wire (crossover)
    Tested on almost all well-known manufacturer`s high end systems (aligned with reference systems B&W, Nautilus & Matrix Series, and STAX Headphones, Japan)

Test results

Test result for EPILOGUE in "Hörerlebnis"

  • The EPllOGUE Sommer Cable provides with me for several months, the extremely important connection between the mixer and the analog inputs and outputs of my RTW Wandlersyslems ago .
  • It win musical events regarding Fast pulse and precision , and decaying are drawn detail more accurately.
  • A truly impressive entry into the HiFi range , provided that it concerns the company Sommer Cable , that's for sure .
  • EPILOGUE The cable is available in its price range in the RCA version is already a hot tip and plays depending on connector selection forward to the very front with . The XLR version can in combination with professional equipment open not only to be desired , but it is expected in this sector for many seekers mean the end of the long journey to the " sound of Olympus" .

Test result for EPILOGUE in "Beat"

  • The EPILOGUE is only for absolute high-end · freaks and musicians with an unlimited budget. Undoubtedly, the Rolls- Royce of the cables.
  • Rating: ******

Product Description

You can make a mountain out of a mole hill - and that is why we really worked up a sweat when we developed the reference cable EPILOGUE: After our great success of the LF-cables SC-ALBEDO and SC-STRATOS, and as requested by many purists, we came up with a product that convinced everyone that it was far superior even during testing at well known HiFi-studios than cables costing much, much more. Based on the legendary SC-STRATOS we embedded four wires in a jacket, so that they could be crossed over to reduce the capacitive value. Each wire has 100 % shielding due to the use of dense copper braiding and a semiconductor. For better conductivity all four wires have conductor smoothing made of carbon. The EPILOGUE guarantees - without longer input time - an absolutely neutral rendition and is very musical at the same time.

The EPILOGUE has been on the market since the end of 2002 and has even been able to convince several test publications within a short period of time. It is the absolute reference cable for the serious HiFi-dealer, who places more emphasis on linear transmission than on candy-colored high voltage cable displays. It also enhances the Skyline Studios in Düsseldorf, known around the world for high quality productions. We recommend it for the connection of pre- and power amplifiers, to connect CD- and DVD-players, turntables, and of course for professional studio technology. Based on the low capacity of approx. 35 pF wire/wire there is almost no loss for lengths of up to 10 meters. Because of the very sophisticated workmanship and the somewhat complicated wiring, the EPILOGUE is currently only offered as a premade set. Special lengths are available at selected professional dealers.

The plug connector is a modified HI-CM07-SE/ALU, insulated with PTFE and equipped with complex shielding. Individual pieces are not available on the market. Before you buy, please make sure that your cable has actually been manufactured by our company. The balanced version is available with "SATIN" XLR-connectors with turned, genuine gold-plated contacts for the male and female version. They are made by NEUTRIK especially for SOMMER CABLE.

Technische Daten / Technical Data

EPB1-0200 - EPILOGUE Serie
Qualität / Quality: 4 Sterne / Stars
Farbe / Colour: silber/gelb / silver/yellow
Durchmesser / diameter: 0,7 cm
Länge / length: 2,0 m
Innenleiter-Material / Inner conductor material: OFC – sauerstofffreies Kupfer / OFC - oxygen-free copper
Kabel-Ummantelung / Cable sheathing: Kunststoff / plastic
Kabel-Geometrie / Cable geometry: rund / Round
Schirmungs-Material / Shielding material: Kupfer-Geflecht und einen Semiconductor / Copper braid and a Semiconductor
Schirmungs-Anzahl / Shielding quantity: 3-fach-Schirmung / 3-shielding
Stecker-Konstruktion / Plug design: geschraubte Vollmetallstecker / Full-metal screw-type plug
Stecker-Bauform / Plug type: gerade / Straight

Scope of Delivery

  • 1 x LF-phono cable 2 x XLR Male auf 2 x XLR Female

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