Sommer Cable 240 MKII - SC-ORBIT - Speaker cable (1 m / 2x4,0 qmm / OFC / black transparent )

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Highlights / Advantages

    Absolutely neutral transmission quality due to fine copper stranding
    High flexibility and easy to wind due to the rubberlike PVC-jacket
    A fine finish with a black transparent outer jacket
    Very low resistance values due to special stranding


    Analog cables are used to transmit low frequency audio signals and to connect microphones, speakers and many other audio components.

    SOMMER CABLE mostly uses oxygen-free (OFC) or low-oxygen copper. For your information: Copper has a specific resistance of 0.0178 Ω per meter, at a diameter of 1 mm². The purer the metal, the smoother it is (high bending cycles!) and the more consistent this value will remain over the years.

Description of Article:

You can hear the grass grow...

with the SC-ORBIT, no problem. If you care for true natural sound and dynamics, then the SC-ORBIT is your cable. At the end of the audio signal path is the speaker, but how the music gets there really does matter. You already have the good speaker, now all you need is the cable - and the difference is noticable! Here too we offer top quality with an attractive design, because the cable is often installed where it can be seen - or invisible, as flat as possible.Because of the very dense stranding the copper strand provides the necessary surface for clean transmission of the high-frequency sound ranges. The individual wires are counter-braided.

So this cable always returns to it's original position, even after extreme twisting.


    Connection to HiFi-high end speaker systems
    Inside wiring of HiFi-speakers and PA-systems
    For permanent installation
    Car HiFi-connection

    These cables are optimized for sound. The special stranding or wire stranding along with perfect shielding will provide enduring listening pleasure and perfect transmission. They are used in the studio setting, in broadcasting, and in transmission vehicles.

    Cables for installation are in the first place designed for longevity and safe transmission, especially for ELA-technology. They can be wired inside buildings over long distances, but also inside audio units (amplifiers, speakers, etc.) or control cabinets. If you have special fire protection requirements, please observe the halogen-free/ PUR and FRNC symbols.

    These cables are optimized for sound and were developed for true, i.e. electrically and acoustically linear transmission of audio signals. For example, you can connect amplifiers, speakers, CD-players, and other audio units. They are also recommended for the ambitious studio operator.

Technische Daten / Technical Data

Cu-Litze pro Ader / Copper strand per conductor: 1036 x 0,07
Innen-Leiter / Inner conductor: 2 x 4,0 mm2 (AWG 11)
Material Litzen / Material Leads: OFC - sauerstofffreies Kupfer / Oxygen Free Copper
Kapazität Ader/Ader bei 1 m / Capacitance of core at 1 m: 55 pF
Leiterwiderstand bei 1 km / Conductor resistance at 1 km: < 4,5 Ohm
Isolationswiderstand bei 1 km / Insulation Resistance at 1 km: > 10 MOhm
Material Mantel (Isolation) / Mantle material (insulation): PVC
Mantel-Durchmesser / Sheath diameter Ø: 12 x 5,9 mm
Temperaturbereich min.-max. / Temperature range min-max: -30 °C → +70 °C
Brandlast je m / Fire load per m: 0,21 kWh
Gewicht pro 1 m / Weight per 1 m: 121 g
Farbe / Color: schwarz transparent / black transparent
Hersteller-Artikel-Nr. / Manufacturer Item no.: 440-0151


This article is sold by the meter thus the price refers to 1 meter of cable. If you need more than one meter you need to raise the amount accordingly. For example 2 items equal 2 meters of cable, 3 items equal 3 meters and so forth.

These cables are not pre-assembled which means they are delivered without connectors and such.

Scope of Delivery:

  • 1 x 1m Speaker cable

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