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  Open magnetostatic high-end premium headphones
  The fourth generation of the successful HIFIMAN Ananda model
  Magnetostatic diaphragm
  Oval membrane surface
  Stealth magnets
  Soft case
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HIFIMAN ANANDA NANO - A revolutionary sound pleasure

Experience the next level of evolution in the world of audio technology with the HIFIMAN ANANDA NANO. As the fourth generation of the award-winning Ananda series, this model sets new standards in sound quality and design.

Powerful innovations in detail:
The ANANDA NANO stands out with its silver coloring and presents itself visually in the style of the renowned 1000 series. But its true beauty lies within. With an innovative oval membrane surface and the use of stealth magnets, it minimizes the diffraction of sound waves for an impressive sound experience. The heart, the magnetostatic diaphragm, is defined by its nanometer thickness and optimized damping, allowing for unsurpassed detail and an expanded soundstage.

Sound excellence and naturalness:
The ultra-thin diaphragm of the ANANDA NANO reveals a previously unattainable level of detail. It presents music with a clarity that highlights even the subtleties without compromising its naturalness. The treble range is balanced, resulting in an enchanting naturalness and a pleasant sound balance.

Perfect representation of voices and instruments:
From radio hosts to professional musicians, voices are reproduced with more nuance and authenticity. Stringed instruments benefit from an even more precise representation of the finest nuances in playing. Even subtle changes are effortlessly understandable, allowing for a fascinating interpretation of complex musical works.

Challenge and quality in impedance:
With an impedance of 14 ohms, the ANANDA NANO requires a powerful headphone amplifier for optimal bass control. Stationary devices offer an ideal solution here, while mobile applications could pose a challenge.

Complete package for unadulterated listening pleasure:
The ANANDA NANO comes with a practical soft case for transport and a generous 3 meter cable. A break-in time of 150 hours is recommended, but you can experience the extraordinary sound world beforehand.

The Superiority of Planar Magnetic Technology:
Thanks to the even distribution of the conductor layer on the membrane, the ANANDA NANO offers lower phase distortion compared to conventional dynamic headphones and therefore better preserves the spatial information of the music. This results in an immersive soundstage and precise positioning of the instruments - comparable to a live performance.

The ANANDA NANO with its astonishing frequency range of 5Hz to 55kHz offers a unique, three-dimensional sound experience and presents music with an unprecedented quality and precision.

Immerse yourself in a new dimension of listening pleasure with the HIFIMAN ANANDA NANO and experience music like never before.


Technical data

Manufacturer: Hifiman
Product name: Ananda Nano
Color: Silver
Product typ: Open Magnetostatic Headphones
Frequency response: 5 Hz - 55 kHz
Sensitivity sound pressure level: 94 dB
Impedance: 14 Ohm
Length of connection cable:  3 m long, angled 3.5 mm jack including 6.35 mm jack adapter on the input side
2 x 3.5 mm stereo jack on the output side
Weight without cable: 420 g

Scope of delivery

  • 1 x HiFiMAN ANANDA Nano
  • Connection cable
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