Atacama Atabites SMD-Z 7HD - filler for hi-fi furniture and loudspeaker stands (7 kg in one bucket / made from metal)

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    qualitative filler for hifi furniture such as stands and loudspeaker stands
    high density inert filler material with high quality
    the zinc coated micro-discs absorb vibrations from vibrating bodies
    perfect fit for almost all Atacama loudspeaker stands
    in the scope of delivery there is only 1 bucket with 7 kg filling material (in the pictures several units are displayed)
    we are specialized dealer for many more Hi-Fi products

Product description

In order to get the best possible sound from your speaker stands, it is recomended that the main columns are filled with a high density inert filler.

This will reduce ringing and give a sonically dead platform from which to position bookshelf style speakers.

Atabites has an approximate density of 2403 kg/m² compared to dry sand which has a typical rating of just 1442 kg/m².

By adjusting the amount of filler used, you can experiment to find the optimum amount of filler to suit your speakers.

Featuring new zinc coated micro-discs, the Atabite SMD-Z 7HD inert filler has a uniformed particulate size giving consistent sonic performance.

The Zinc coating adds mass, protects the filler from both oxidisation and degradation while enhancing the visual aesthetics.

Please note: Atabites are supplied by weight, not volume. (7 kg tubs). Some settling of contents may occur in transit.

Here is the maximum approximate weight of Atabites that can be used for each pair of speaker stands:

Nexus 5i = 7 kg; Nexus 6i = 8.2 kg; Nexus 7i = 12.2 kg; Nexus10i = 21 kg.

Moseco 5 = 7 kg; Moseco 6 = 10.4 kg; Moseco 7 = 12.2 kg; Moseco 10 = 21 kg.

Moseco XL500 = 35 kg; Moseco XL600 = 42 kg

SLX200 = 7 kg; SLX300 = 14 kg; SLX400 = 21 kg; SLX500 = 28 kg; SLX600 = 35 kg; SLX700 = 42 kg; SLX1000 = 49 kg.

Sonic results will depend on speaker stand positioning, type of speaker, room size, type of electronics and cabling, listening position and personal taste.

However, as a general rule filling the stands approximately half to two thirds full generally gives the best results.

Discover your own personal sound experience

In our living room studio "Klangvilla" in Leipzig we feature more Atacama and other Hi-Fi products which are at all times ready for presentation. You will have the option to be explained and demonstrated also other high-quality high-end devices by our sales manager who will be available for you. We can also recommend the appropriate wiring and other high quality Hi-Fi accessories. Please just simply arrange a date for demonstration or consulting service with our home Hi-Fi sales manager.

Technical Data / Technical data

Atacama - Atabites SMD-Z 7HD - filler for hifi furniture
Hersteller / Manufacturer: Atacama
Produktname / Product name: Atabites SMD-Z 7HD
Produktart / Product type: Füllmaterial / filler
Gewicht / Weight: 7 kg
Material / Material: hochdichtiges Ballastmaterial (zinkbeschichteten Mikroscheiben) / high density inert filler material (zinc coated micro-discs)
Farbe / Colour: silber / silver

Scope of Delivery

  • 1 x Atacama - Atabites SMD-Z 7HD - filler for hifi furniture in 7 kg bucket

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