Atacama APOLLO - STORM 6 - high-quality hi-fi rack - 4 levels (total of 4 shelves made from light solid oak / silk black modules / completely decoupled / incl. spikes)

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Atacama APOLLO - STORM 6 Hi-Fi Rack Basis-Ebene Basis Ebene für Hi-Fi-Rack APOLLO - STORM 6
Integral part of this set
Atacama APOLLO - STORM 6 Hi-Fi Rack 135mm Ebene 135 mm Ebene für Hi-Fi-Rack APOLLO - STORM 6
Integral part of this set
Atacama APOLLO - STORM 6 Hi-Fi Rack 185mm Ebene 185 mm Ebene für Hi-Fi-Rack APOLLO - STORM 6
Integral part of this set
Atacama APOLLO - STORM 6 Hi-Fi Rack 235mm Ebene 235 mm Ebene für Hi-Fi-Rack APOLLO - STORM 6
Integral part of this set
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    qualitative hi-fi rack with 4 levels made from light solid oak wood for residential use
    any combination of shelf modules can be used
    the best processing and materials in easy design for highest pleasure
    hi-fi rack suitable for all brands and models
    high load capacity and universally applicable
    the product being sold is exclusively the complete APOLLO - STORM 6 - hi-fi rack = 4 levels
    this hi-fi rack consists of a total of these 4 different sizes: the base level module and the 135 mm, 185 mm and 235 mm level shelf-modules
    designed and manufactured in the UK
    with this particular product, we would like to point out that there might be delivery waiting times due to the exclusivity
    in case electronic devices are shown, they are not included in the scope of delivery
    we are specialized dealer for Atacama and a lot of more hi-fi products - your authorized dealer in Leipzig

Product Description

APOLLO - STORM 6 is part of the Atacama Storm series.

Do you want a hi-fi support but would prefer oak? Then the British made solid oak APOLLO - STORM 6 modular hifi support will make a stunning centerpiece for displaying, supporting and isolating hi-fi equipment in the home.

Each shelf module is precision cut on a CNC machine to ensure consistency of fit and performance, then hand finished by dedicated craftsmen to enhance the visual appeal of the natural wood.

The APOLLO - STORM 6 hi-fi rack is not just an attractive piece of furniture; it has primarily been designed to maximize the performance of hi-fi equipment supported upon it.

With a choice of four storage heights and manufactured out of warp resistant 27 mm solid hardwood composite wood for strength and resonance absorption, each of the individual modules legs feature three additional levels of isolation.

First a polymer isolation disc separates the outer leg collar from the wood forming a barrier between each of the wood and outer leg components. The second line of isolation is the leg spike cap. This too is a polymer construction, so the leg outer collar is completely isolated from residual sonic feedback present when playing music. Inside each of the leg spike caps a press fit brass screw thread has been inserted.(brass being chosen for its slow energy proliferation speed) with the third and final level of isolation has been achieved with the use of fully adjustable 8 mm bright zinc plated steel spikes and matching lock nuts.

Please note: oak is a natural material, so block colour variation, knots and grain texture is part of the intrinsic beauty of this hifi support. Every shelf module is therefore aesthetically unique and will darken over time as part of the woods ageing process, especially if exposed to sunlight. This difference will be enhanced should you add new extra shelving at a later date; so when possible purchase your APOLLO - STORM 6 as a complete matched set taking into account your future storage requirements.

All of the available leg packs of base, 135 mm, 185 mm and 235 mm heights are supplied in a silk black finish. This allows the series in any case to match the extensive range of Atacama loudspeaker stands.

Any combination of shelf modules can be used and placed on a base module up to a maximum height of 1000 mm (39.4").

The weight capacity is 30 kg (66 lbs.) per level dependent on overall storage requirement.

APOLLO - STORM 6 is manufactured in the UK by the company Atacama and due to the exclusive processing of solid oak wood it takes a few days longer to manufacture than ordinary audio furniture. There are indeed plenty of products in our warehouse, but sometimes it can unfortunately happen that the delivery might be delayed - we kindly advise you to notice this when ordering this particular product.

Attention: with this product there may likely be delivery delays due to the exclusivity. We therefore ask you to get in contact with us in advance either by phone or email.

Discover your own personal sound experience

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Technical Data

Specifications - Atacama - APOLLO - STORM 6 - hi-fi rack - base module
Hersteller / manufacturer: Atacama UK
Produktserie / product series: STORM
Produktname / product name: APOLLO - STORM 6
Produktart / product type: Hi-Fi-Rack / hi-fi rack
System / system: modular
Ebenen / levels: 4: Basis/base (60 mm) + 135 mm + 185 mm + 235 mm
Holzfarbe / wood colour: helles massives Eichenholz / light solid oak wood
Farbe der Säulenmodule (standardmäßig) / colour of column modules (standard): Seidenschwarze Säulen / silk black leg columns
Regalbrettstärke (standardmäßig) / rack shelf thickness (standard): massive 27 mm Eiche / solid 27 mm oak
Maße außen (BxT) / dimensions external (WxD): 590 mm x 450 mm
Maße innen (BxT) / dimensions internal (WxD): 510 mm x 370 mm
Gesamthöhe außen (mit Spikes) / total height external (with spikes): 723 mm
Gesamthöhen innen inkl. Höhe unter Brett (Innenlagerhöhe, mit Spikes) / total heights internal incl. height under shelf (internal storage height, with spikes): 615 mm
Zubehör / accessory: inklusive Spikes / including spikes

Scope of Delivery

  • 1 x Atacama - APOLLO - STORM 6 - high-quality hi-fi rack - 4 levels made from light solid oak wood and consisting of:
  • 1 x base module
  • 1 x 135 mm shelf-module
  • 1 x 185 mm shelf-module
  • 1 x 235 mm shelf-module

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