Atacama HMS 2X - high mass loudspeaker stands (600 mm / for heavy load / black / top plates = 200 mm width + 225 mm depth / 4 support columns per stand / 1 pair)

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    qualitative stands / loudspeaker stands for residential use in noble "satin black"
    beautiful design and excellent workmanship
    HMS series = reference loudspeaker stands
    the HMS reference range of loudspeaker stands has been developed with the assistance of Pro Ac, one of the UK’s leading speaker manufacturers
    these high mass loudspeaker stands (HMS) are suitable for a wide range of audiophile bookshelf type loudspeakers
    supplied as a pair
    includes quite large top plates (200 mm x 225 mm / 7.87" x 8.85") for bigger loudspeakers
    four support columns per stand ensure real heavy load
    very good value for money
    very strong load capacity and universally applicable
    includes isolation gel pads by Atacama
    we are specialized dealer for many more Hi-Fi products

Product Description

The HMS series is THE reference loudspeaker stands range by Atacama and caters for when a larger top plate is required.

The HMS series consists of a four-column design and provides a fairly stable platform for placing larger bookshelf loudspeakers and other technical devices. Isolating gel pads from Atacama and modern cable management are also part of these chic loudspeaker stands.

Atacama HMS 2X (high mass stand 2X) was developed with the co-operation and expertise of ProAc, one of Britain’s most highly respected speaker manufacturers and features a large 200 mm x 225 mm (7.87" x 8.85") top plate.

Designed for all those looking for a reference quality loudspeaker stands, HMS 2X has a 30% increase in mass loading capacity over the equivalent professional grade SLX series by Atacama. Once each pair is fully loaded with Atabites, HMS 2X will give you the ultimate platform for when needing to optimise your loudspeakers performance.

These high quality stands / loudspeaker stands by Atacama have been developed in terms of design and construction for demanding audio enthusiasts.

The stands are exceptionally stable and minimize the transmission of vibrations of the housing.

With a height of 600 centimeters (without isolation gel pads and floor spikes), HMS 2X ensures an optimal placement of the speakers.

The loudspeaker stands are manufactured from heavy gauge carbon steel with high-tensile fixings to maintain optimum rigidity.

For improved performance the HMS series always comes with isolation gel pads as standard.

These pads help protect the base of your speakers, reduce the chance of slippage and create a dampening barrier to the speakers so improving sound quality.

Floor spikes are also supplied as standard.

In order to protect sensitive floor coverings, special Atacama spike shoes are also available from us.

Note: two packs of Atacama HD-L spike shoes are recommended if the stands are to be placed on a delicate floor covering.

The top plate is manufactured from thick steel plate. The HMS 2X loudspeaker stands have top plates of 200 mm width by 225 mm depth and ground plates of 300 mm width by 335 mm depth. Please note: supported speaker width/depth dimensions should not exceed speaker stand base plate dimensions.

The colour of the stands is "satin black".

Normally available in satin black (but also on request as a cost option in silver metallic and diamond white).

The loudspeaker stands from the HMS series are designed and manufactured in the UK.

Attention: in case loudspeakers are shown in pictures these are not included in the scope of delivery.


Atacama recommend Atabite SMD-Z 7HD filler to achieve maximum sonic performance.

Atacama recommends that each pair of HMS stands are two thirds filled with Atabite SMD-Z 7HD filler in order to maximize their sonic potential.

Atabite quantity recommendation:

Below are stated the recommended number of tubes to share between each pair of speaker stands. All vertical poles should be equally filled. Amounts are approximate and will not necessarily completely fill the tubes. It is suggested that you experiment with the exact amount to achieve the best sonic results for your particular system setup as the speakers, room acoustics, cable loom, positioning of the speakers and hifi components will determine how much Atabite filler to use to get the best sound from your speakers.

As a general rule, approximately half to two thirds full gives the best results. If you find the speakers are lacking high end detail and sounding dull at the lower end that usually means you have overfilled the stands and will need to reduce the volume of Atabites in each stand.

If the speakers are new, it is suggested that the exact amount of Atabites needed will best be determined once they are run in. Refer to your speaker instructions or contact the supplying retailer/manufacturer for guidelines on running in recommendations.

For HMS 2X = up to 12 tubs (= 84 kg) can be used per pair. As a guide fill the tubes half to two thirds full to achieve optimum results.

Here is the direct link to this Atacama filler

Atacama - Atabites SMD-Z 7HD - filler for hifi furniture (7 kg in one bucket / made from metal) Art. Nr.:11006187

Technische Daten / Technical Data

Spezifikationen / Specifications - Atacama - HMS 2X - loudspeaker stands in black
Hersteller / Manufacturer: Atacama
Produktserie / Product series: HMS
Artikelname / Article name: HMS 2X
Produktart / Product type: High-Mass Lautsprecherständer / high mass loudspeaker stands
Höhenmaß (Gesamthöhe ohne Bodenspikes) / Height dimension (overall height excluding floor spikes): 600 mm
Höhenmaß (mit Bodenspikes und Isolationsgelpads) / Height dimension (with floor spikes and isolation gel pads): ca. 645 mm
Topplatte (B x T) / Top plate (W x D): 200 mm x 225 mm (7.87" x 8.85")
Basisplatte (B x T) / Base plate (W x D): 300 mm x 335 mm (11.8" x 13.18")
Gesamtgewicht beider Ständer (inkl. Bodenplatten) / Total weight of both stands (including base plates): ca. 25 kg (ca. 30 kg = mit Verpackung / with packaging)
Höchstbelastbarkeitsgewicht (pro Ständer) / Maximum load weight (per stand): ca. 20 kg
Ausführung Ständer / Finish stand: Satin schwarz / satin black

Scope of Delivery

  • 2 x Atacama - HMS 2X - high mass loudspeaker stands in satin black
  • 8 x isolation gel pads
  • 8 x floor spikes
  • 1 x assembly instruction

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