Wharfedale Super Denton speaker black oak

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  Ultra-compact 3-way loudspeaker
  Hand-veneered cabinet with many handcrafted details
  1.0″ soft-dome tweeter unit
  2.0″ midrange driver in dome design
  6.5″ bass driver with cast housing
  Available in Walnut, Mahogany, Black Oak
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Timeless elegance meets modern technology - Wharfedale Super Denton speakers

The Wharfedale Super Denton speakers are a prime example of the fusion of tradition and innovation in the world of audio technology. As the latest addition to the renowned Heritage series, they build on Wharfedale's impressive history and integrate advanced technologies to deliver an immersive audio experience.

Design and finish:
The Super Denton speakers are available in three luxurious finishes: walnut, mahogany and black oak. Each version features hand-veneered elegance and a carefully designed cabinet. Internal acoustic damping and technically placed bracing in the cabinet ensure optimum sound quality, while the robust construction minimizes resonance.

Three-way driver design:
At the heart of the Super Denton is its unique three-way driver design. The bass unit features a high-quality 6.5-inch driver with a cast housing that delivers an impressive bass response down to 40 Hz. The midrange driver, inspired by Wharfedale's award-winning EVO4 project, provides clear and precise midrange. The 1-inch soft dome tweeter, which inherits design features from the Wharfedale DOVEDALE model, provides detailed and airy highs.

Innovative cabinet design:
The cabinet of the Super Denton is an engineering masterpiece. It combines different woods to disperse panel resonances and minimize unwanted vibrations. A special layering technology of high-density chipboard, special resonance-damping glue and MDF contributes to the exceptional acoustic performance.

Sophisticated crossover:
The Super Denton's integrated crossover features air-core coils and polypropylene capacitors. This ensures seamless integration of the drivers and distortion-free, harmonious reproduction across the entire frequency range.

Precise stereo imaging:
Precise stereo imaging with a deep, wide soundstage is achieved thanks to the offsetting of the midrange and tweeter drivers and careful matching of the speaker pairs.

Musical versatility:
Wharfedale Super Denton speakers are optimized for a wide range of musical genres and audio sources. Their balanced and detailed sound guarantees an impressive listening experience, whether you enjoy analog or digital music.

With the Super Denton loudspeakers, Wharfedale is setting new standards in the world of high-end audio technology. They combine classic design, innovative technology and meticulous craftsmanship to create a speaker that impresses both visually and acoustically.


Wharfedale loudspeakers were founded in 1932 by Gilbert Briggs in Yorkshire, England. The company began by manufacturing wireless communication devices, but recognized early on the potential of loudspeakers to improve sound quality. Wharfedale began producing loudspeakers in the 1940s and became a pioneer in the industry over the following decades.

A landmark development was the introduction of the first three-way loudspeaker, the Wharfedale W70, in 1957, which set new standards for sound reproduction and frequency range and made Wharfedale internationally renowned. In the 1960s, the company gained further recognition with models such as the Wharfedale E70 and the Wharfedale Linton, which were prized for their exceptional sound quality and elegant design.

Wharfedale continued its technological innovation and introduced new developments in the 1970s and 1980s, such as the use of beryllium for tweeters and the precise measurement of speaker drivers using the laser interferometer system.

The company received numerous awards for its products and was appreciated by audiophiles and music lovers worldwide. Wharfedale loudspeakers have been used in home theater setups, professional recording studios and many other areas.

In the 21st century, Wharfedale remains a leader in the speaker industry, offering a wide range of speakers for various applications. Through continuous innovation and the pursuit of superior sound, Wharfedale has established a reputation as an outstanding brand in the audio world.


Technical Data

Manufacturer: Wharfedale
Product name: Super Denton
Product type: 3-way bookshelf loudspeaker
Color: Black Oak
Dimensions (HxWxD): 360 on base x 246 x 275 mm (+20 with connections)
Weight: 9,2 kg
Recommended amplifier power: 25 – 120W
Nominal impedance: 4Ω (compatible 8Ω)
High frequency driver: 1" (25 mm) Soft Dome
Midrange driver: 2" (50 mm) Soft Dome
Bass driver: 6,5" (165 mm) black woven Kevlar cone


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