DALI Katch One - soundbar (in "Iron Black" = black / 4x 50 W / class D amplifiers / unique design / HxWxD = 164mm x 860mm x 69mm / various connection options)

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    qualitative soundbar for residential use in noble "Iron Black" finish (= black)
    4 x 50 Watts peak class D power amplifier
    five different audio inputs
    incl. various functions such as automatic source selection, Bluetooth™ release, dual-sound mode, standby, source selection, etc.
    low signal-to-noise ratio
    two different sound modes: wide angle and focus
    incl. 2 x leather straps to hang up
    incl. 2 x real wood feet to set up
    incl. 2 x keyhole holders recessed on the back
    beautiful design and excellent workmanship
    optimum performances - strong power handling
    enormously capable and tremendously versatile
    also available in white (= "Ivory White") finish
    we are specialized dealer for DALI products - your authorized dealer in Leipzig



Setting fresh standards in portable audio, the stunning DALI KATCH is the ultimate embodiment of DALI’s advanced digital technology and unique design knowhow, bringing both elements together to create a loudspeaker that delivers incredibly rich sound from an incredibly compact chassis.


The DALI - KATCH ONE soundbar combines superior audio reproduction with a fresh appealing look. Experience movies, music and gaming like you’ve never heard them before. Take your home entertainment to a new level with DALI - KATCH ONE, the first dedicated TV soundbar by DALI.


Undeniably elegant when wall-mounted with the dual leather strap, the KATCH ONE is equally at home sat on a shelf or furniture - thanks to the supplied real wood feet. Or, should space be an issue, the KATCH ONE can be mounted in close proximity to the TV using the keyhole mount on the rear.


Get the full enjoyment of all TV moments! The KATCH ONE delivers controlled bass for action packed movies, clear and understandable voices when watching the news, and a perfect harmony of both when enjoying a live musical performance.


The two different sound modes "Wide" and "Focus" are designed to let the KATCH ONE perform with the widest selection of movies, documentaries, news and music. "Focus" offers a focused and very linear audio reproduction, while "Wide" offers a wide, impressive and very dynamic audio rendering - bringing a room-filling, surprisingly powerful experience.


The DALI - KATCH ONE offers a wide range of connections, which include connecting your TV, smartphone/tablet (Bluetooth & mini jack), CD player, audio streamer, a subwoofer or supplying power for your Amazon Echo or Google Chromecast via USB.


The soundbar KATCH ONE has a rounded housing and is available in two different colour versions. There are also leather straps included with the KATCH ONE to hang the extraordinary speaker on the wall in an elegant way.


Transferring music to the DALI - KATCH ONE is either done via a Bluetooth wireless connection or by cable. The KATCH ONE soundbar uses the Bluetooth protocol 5.0 and connects to Apple portables via AAC codec. Alternatively, the KATCH ONE also has HDMI and optical digital inputs.

Attention: DALI - KATCH ONE is also available in white (= "Ivory White") finish

Product Description - DALI - KATCH ONE

As TVs get larger, the space for quality audio systems gets even smaller. With slim profiles in vogue, audio performance is the first to suffer. For viewers that demand their TV sound to be just as sharp as the picture, DALI has created the KATCH ONE. A stylish, complete one-stop soundbar that upgrades the whole TV experience by adding that missing audio excellence.

Designed to enhance TV audio but engineered to improve music from any source, the DALI - KATCH ONE has the power to perform as your main audio system. The faultless audio performance is testament to DALI's nearly four decade long experience in high-end hi-fi production, focusing on creating the most natural-sounding speakers on the market, recreating music just as the artist intended.

Featuring a chic, compact design, the DALI - KATCH ONE features no fewer than 10 built-in drivers, perfectly matched with a powerful 4x 50W amplifier. This ensures that movie soundtracks are always sweepingly dynamic, that dialogue is always crisp and clear, and music is beautifully balanced and exactly as the creator intended.

With soft dome tweeters keeping sound clean and detailed, four large passive drivers work alongside four active woofers to deliver bass that's tight, punchy and precise, all combining to providing the perfect audio experience.

Elegant and easy to install, the DALI - KATCH ONE comes with all the inputs you could ever need, including HDMI, 2x Optical, Analogue, not to mention Bluetooth (AAC and aptX).


The front fabric for the KATCH ONE is picked for its very good acoustical properties, ensuring that the sound slips through without losing energy or details. Besides adding to the look and feel of the KATCH ONE, the fabric also helps the KATCH ONE fit in with the rest of the room.

An important part of the visual design is the three stylish mounting solutions that ensures the KATCH ONE has a look for everybody.

Featuring a chic, compact design, the wall-mounted leather strap truly completes the look and feel of the KATCH ONE. This solution elegantly hides the cables running from the TV to the KATCH ONE, keeping everything tidy, while the fabric front’s excellent acoustic properties ensure no audio detail is lost.

If space is tight the keyhole mount on the rear of the KATCH ONE is the perfect solution.

Placing the KATCH ONE on a shelf or on top of furniture is also possible with the use of the supplied real wood feet. These feet match the overall look and feel of the KATCH ONE, and serve to decouple the KATCH ONE from the placement surface, thereby limiting unwanted vibrations and elevating the KATCH ONE to give it a lighter look.


Both the casing and the front baffle of the KATCH ONE are moulded from a glass fibre reinforced ABS compound. This material enables us to construct a platform for the drivers that optimises the flow of air, widens the stereo image, and guides the sound towards the listener. This forms the base for an extremely rigid structure that ensures that the movement of the drivers does not cause unwanted resonances in the cabinet structure that could result in distortion of the audio signal.

All of the available inputs and outputs are placed on the rear of the cabinet in a connection bay that hides the plugs from view, and gives easy access to the cable management system along the top back of the KATCH ONE. It is possible to have the connected cables run either up or down from the connection bay, depending on the type of placement chosen.

Both the fixed grille on the rear of the KATCH ONE and the front baffle have built-in air-flow guides to optimise the spread of the audio signal. With woofers placed both on the front and the back of the unit, directing and optimising the flow of air becomes very important. The rear woofers are designed to integrate with the wall to expand the bass performance, also utilising the wall to widen the stereo image. In the same way, the front woofers are placed on the front baffle surrounded by a wave guide that helps control and aid the air flow for optimised dispersion.


With five different audio inputs, the KATCH ONE will connect to any audio device. This includes four ways to connect to your TV. Not to mention the ample possibilities to connect music streaming devices. Furthermore the KATCH ONE has auto signal detect on all inputs and automatically powers on, when turning on your TV or audio source.

HDMI: The HDMI input (ARC) on the KATCH ONE is an audio only input. The HDMI connection supports the use of the TV remote control to adjust the volume, mute and power on/off.

2 x OPTICAL IN: The auto power-on function for the dedicated TV input is activated by the optical output from the TV. This ensures that the KATCH ONE is on and ready as soon as the TV is on. The second optical input is designed for use with audio devices such as CD players and audio streamers. This input enables auto power on/off based on the audio signal - even if the carrier does not turn off the carrier light in standby mode.

BLUETOOTH: KATCH ONE offers Bluetooth AAC and aptX - allowing for easy music streaming from your phone, tablet or even your TV, creating a completely wireless solution.

ANALOGUE IN: The stereo mini-jack input on the KATCH ONE allows for a analogue connection to your TV, phone, tablet or PC.

SUB OUT: Connecting a subwoofer is easy and rewarding. It sends all deep bass directly to the SUB Out by the DSP. This leaves the amplifier more headroom, allowing the KATCH ONE to extend even further up the volume scale.

USB SERVICE/POWER: The built-in USB port is able to power your tablet or Google Chromecast Audio (CCA), but does not allow for music playback. Using a CCA allows the KATCH ONE to connect to you home network adding a world of streaming services.


The KATCH ONE features no fewer than 10 built-in drivers, perfectly matched with a powerful 4 x 50 Watts amplifier, ensuring that movie soundtracks and dialogue are always sweepingly dynamic, crisp and clear, and music is beautifully balanced.

The four large passive drivers work in unison with the four active woofers to help deliver surprising bass performance for the perfect movie experience. With the power to deliver the audio pressure needed even in bigger living rooms. Should the room demand even more bass performance, a subwoofer can extend the deep bass even further.

Completing the package are the two 21 mm ultra-light weight soft dome tweeters, truly bringing the high-end and upper mid-range to life. Together, the 6 active and 4 passive drivers render a clean, detailed and coherent audio signal, rarely experienced in a Soundbar.


The 21 mm ultra-light weight soft dome tweeter is extremely compact, but retains a large membrane area, which ensures that it will reach deep down into the mid-range frequency areas without any break up or drop off’s. The strong neodymium magnet delivers high power handling and a high sensitivity to the soft dome tweeter, thereby bringing detail, accuracy and speed to the high frequencies.


By using a specially designed chassis, an inverted membrane and special spider suspension, we've created a shallow woofer with the same maximum excursion as a similar sized traditional woofer. Every millimetre gained in internal depth is turned into true low-frequency reproduction, letting the woofer generate bass with as little help from the DSP as possible.

Passive Radiators

Completing the package are the two 21 mm ultra-light weight soft dome tweeters, truly bringing the high-end and upper mid-range to life. Together, the 6 active and 4 passive drivers render a clean, detailed and coherent audio signal, rarely experienced in a Soundbar.


Driving the KATCH ONE are 4 x 50 watts peak, closed loop class D amplifiers. Utilising DSP for the active crossover, the amplifiers are directly connected to the drivers, maximising the performance.

The low signal-to-noise ratio (100 dB) of the amplifier module ensures that even the smallest detail in a quiet passage is passed on to the drivers, clear and undistorted.

Feeding the amplifier is a 200 watts peak switch mode power supply, with ample power delivery to handle everything from a concert to a powerful explosion. The dual transformer design ensures that the standby power is kept very low, and headroom to handle the power requirements of the amplifiers is always available.

The KATCH ONE offers two different sound modes: Wide and Focus. They are designed to let the KATCH ONE perform with the widest selection of movies, documentaries, news and music.

The first setting offers a focused and very linear audio reproduction that serves to draw out the often elusive mid-range frequency area.

The other setting offers a wide, impressive and very dynamic audio rendering. This sound mode puts the emphasis on bringing a room filling, surprisingly powerful experience. Both sound modes deliver perfectly on the main goals of a high-quality soundbar - improving the TV experience through great sound.


Auto Source Select

Bluetooth™ Release

Dual Sound Mode (Wide / Focus)


Power On/Off

Standby (Auto Power) Off

Source Select


Special features in the scope of delivery

incl. 2 x leather straps to hang up

incl. 2 x real wood feet to set up

Discover your own personal sound experience

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Technical Data

Specifications - DALI - KATCH ONE - Soundbar
Hersteller / Manufacturer: DALI
Produktserie / Product series: KATCH
Produktname / Product name: KATCH ONE
Produktart / Product type: Soundbar
Frequenzbereich (+/- 3 dB) / Frequency range (+/- 3 dB): 46 - 25.000 Hz
Maximaler Schalldruckpegel / Maximum SPL: 101 dB
Übergangsfrequenzen / Crossover frequency: 250 / 2.500 Hz
Frequenzweichenprinzip / Crossover principle: 2½-Wege / 2½-way
Hochtöner (Hochfrequenztreiber) / Tweeter (high frequency driver): 2 x 21 mm ø Gewebekalotte / soft textile dome
Tieftöner (Niederfrequenztreiber) / Woofer (low frequency driver): 4 x 3,5" Aluminiumkegel mit Stoffkappe / Holzfaserkonus / aluminum cone with cloth cap
Passive Tieftöner (Niederfrequenz-Passivtreiber) / Passive woofer (low frequency passive driver): 4 x 4,5" Stahlkegel / steel cone
Gehäusetyp / Enclosure type: 4 x Passiv-Radiatoren / passive radiators (115 mm ø)
Maximale Verstärkerleistung (RMS) / Maximum amplifier power uutput [RMS]: 4 x 50 Watt
Verstärker-Bauart / Amplifier type: Volldigital Class D / fully digital class D
Anschlüsse Eingang / Connection inputs:
  • 3,5 mm Klinke / mini jack
  • 2 x optisch / optical (Toslink)
Anschlüsse Ausgang / Connection outputs:
  • SUB out
  • USB vharge output (5V/1A)
Drahtloser Eingang / Wireless input: Bluetooth™ 4.0 AAC & Apt-X
Empfohlene Aufstellung/Platzierung / Recommended placement:
  • an der Wand / on-wall
  • Regal / shelf oder/or Ständer / stand
  • Center / centre
  • unter dem Fernseher / below TV screen
  • Wandbefestigung / keyhole mounting
Funktionen / Functions:
  • Automatische Quellenauswahl / auto source select
  • Bluetooth™ Release
  • Dual-Sound-Modus / Dual Sound Mode (Weitwinkel/wide bzw./or / Fokus/focus)
  • Stumm / mute
  • Einschalten und Ausschalten / Power On and Off
  • Standby (automatische Abschaltung / auto power) Aus/Off
  • Quellenauswahl / source select
  • Volumen / volume
Stromverbrauch im Standby-Modus / Standby Power Consumption: < 0,5 Watt
Empfohlener Wandabstand / Recommended distance from wall: 0 - 30 cm
Magnetische Abschirmung / Magnetic shielding: keine / none
Maße (H x B x T) / Dimensions (H x W x D): 164 mm x 860 mm x 69 mm
Gewicht / Weight: 3,7 kg
Ausführung / Finish: "Iron Black" (= schwarz / black)

Scope of Delivery

  • 1 x DALI - KATCH ONE - Soundbar in "Iron Black" finish (= black)
  • 1 x mains cable (2.0 m)
  • 1 x remote control
  • 2 x leather straps to hang up (as wall bracket)
  • 2 x real wood feet to set up
  • 1 x quick start guide
  • 1 x operating instruction / user manual

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