DALI Rubicon 6 C - 2,5-Way bass reflex floorstanding loudspeaker (250 W RMS = max. amplifier power output / high-gloss white / 1 piece)

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  Wireless bass reflex active loudspeaker system
  250 watt Class D amplifiers
  Hybrid tweeter module - dome tweeter with tweeter ribbon
  Two 165 mm wood fiber woofers with SMC (Soft Magnetic Compound)
  Digital sound processor
  Wireless audio transmission with the DALI Sound Hub
  Separate chambers for the woofers and bass drivers
  Requires only one socket for power supply
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DALI RUBICON 6 C - The elegant floorstanding loudspeaker for the perfect fusion of music enjoyment and digital audio streaming

Welcome to a new era of music listening with the groundbreaking DALI RUBICON C series! These speakers offer you an easy and comfortable music experience like never before. Thanks to the wireless Bluetooth connection, you can easily connect your smartphone or tablet to the speakers and enjoy your music in outstanding quality. Experience music enjoyment on a whole new level - with the DALI RUBICON C Series, your musical journey becomes a true masterpiece of sound quality and convenience.

The DALI RUBICON 6 C is an outstanding floorstanding speaker that seamlessly combines the world of high-quality music playback with digital audio streaming. This wireless speaker system provides access to digitally stored music data and online streaming services in the best possible quality. Thanks to the RUBICON 6 C, it is now possible to enjoy music of the highest quality without the need for complex and space-consuming hi-fi electronic components.

The RUBICON 6 C impresses with its volume and the two 165 mm bass-midrange drivers, which guarantee powerful and deep bass reproduction even in larger living rooms. The sound quality is at least on a par with the original passive RUBICON models. The proven speaker drivers and cabinet designs of the RUBICON series are retained here and supplemented with the advanced amplifier technology from the CALLISTO series and the wireless audio transmission of the DALI Sound Hub.


The cabinet of the RUBICON 6 C is intelligently designed and offers separate chambers for the woofers and bass drivers. This allows the cabinet volume to be precisely optimized for the respective drivers and their transmitted frequency range. In addition, individual bass reflex ports are placed behind each woofer to minimize turbulence and optimize the transit times between woofer and reflex port. Several internal braces also prevent unwanted cabinet resonances and sound coloration.


The RUBICON 6 C is an active loudspeaker system and is not operated with an analog crossover like the passive RUBICON models. Instead, the individual drivers of the RUBICON 6 C are controlled directly via a digital sound processor and two integrated amplifiers. This allows the DSP, amplifier and drivers to be optimally matched to each other, resulting in particularly detailed reproduction. A 250 watt amplifier is reserved for the two 165 mm wood fiber bass-midrange drivers. The combination of low-loss construction, wood fiber cone and SMC pole piece reduces distortion to a minimum and ensures extremely detailed and dynamic reproduction.

The Class D amplifiers of the RUBICON 6 C are based on the latest patented technologies and are self-oscillating. Their musical design with global negative feedback enables impressive reproduction of complex music passages and intense movie scenes. Up to 250 watts of power are available for up to five-second pulses.


The RUBICON 6 C's bass-midrange drivers are encased in a soft, low-loss rubber surround that was specially developed for the RUBICON drivers. The surround enables the cone to move easily and energy-efficiently. The bass-midrange drivers are fixed in a non-conductive aluminum basket that allows maximum air movement around the cone and magnet system and does not affect the magnetic field.

The use of SMC (Soft Magnetic Compound) in the bass-midrange drivers significantly reduces distortion caused by mechanical losses in the magnetic drive. SMC combines high magnetic conductivity with very low electrical conductivity, enabling the use of a strong, non-conductive magnet. As a result, the loudspeaker chassis operates virtually distortion-free.


DALI's signature hybrid tweeter module combines a dome tweeter with a ribbon tweeter, providing superior resolution and dispersion characteristics compared to other tweeters. The extremely soft and lightweight dome cone is thin and has a reinforcing coating. The optimized magnet system and the use of magnetic fluid for cooling ensure controlled movement, higher power handling and lower distortion. The magnetostatic ribbon complements the hybrid module and enables wide dispersion and a frequency range of 2 to 30 kHz. Together with the dome tweeter, the hybrid tweeter module represents an important part of the outstanding DALI sound philosophy.

With the DALI RUBICON 6 C, music lovers experience an unparalleled sound quality that embodies the perfect harmony of elegance and technology and makes listening to music a true pleasure.



Dali is a Danish manufacturer of loudspeakers and headphones, founded in 1983 and headquartered in Nørager, Denmark. The company employs over 100 people and develops almost all loudspeaker models in Denmark. DALI is present in 70 countries, with particular success in Germany, Scandinavia and Asia.

Their motto "In Admiration of Music" is reflected in their passion for outstanding sound quality. The exclusive DALI drivers are developed in collaboration with leading specialists to provide an unparalleled sound experience. Continuous research, development of new technologies and feedback from their customers contribute to excellent music reproduction.

With over 30 years of experience, DALI inspires music and cinema lovers worldwide. From the entry-level SPEKTOR model to the high-end EPICON loudspeaker, they offer a wide range of loudspeakers for discerning customers. Over a million satisfied customers appreciate the unique DALI sound and the detailed sound experience.


Technical data

Manufacturer: DALI
Product name: Rubicon 6 C
Product typ: Wireless active loudspeaker system
Color: High gloss white
Dimensions (HxWxD): 990 x 200 x 380 mm
Weight: 20,8 kg
Amplifier power: Class D 250 watt RMS
High-frequency driver: Hybrid tweeter module
Low-mid driver: 2 x 165 mm (6½") ø wood fiber cone
Crossover principle:       Hybrid: fully active 24 bit DSP / passive for analog
Cabinet typ: Bass reflex
Control: Dali Sound Hub or Sound Hub Compact


Scope of delivery

  • 1 x DALI Rubicon 6C High Gloss White
  • instruction manual
  • Rubber damper
  • Front grille
  • Spikes with M8 thread
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