Ortofon record player adjustment set (incl. tonearm scale / dragonfly / SME template)

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    excellent record player adjustment set
    perfect for the adjustment of cartridge systems
    Ortofon stylus pressure gauge/scale - tool for turntables that is used to determine the stylus tracking force
    small plastic pivot type scale that will accurately measure tracking force between 1.25 g and 4 g
    Ortofon SME template - excellent overlay/adjustment template for turntables
    perfect for the adjustment of catridges
    Ortofon dragonfly spirit level - easy but still premium record player spirit level
    precision spirit level especially for the adjustment of turntables
    accessories for the ideal alignment of your record player
    all components of this set have been manufactured by the high quality brand Ortofon
    we are specialized dealer for Ortofon hifi products - your authorized dealer in Leipzig

Product Description

With this Ortofon record player adjustment set, Ortofon wants vinyl fans to simplify the installation and adjustment of the pickup system.

The following articles are included in the set:

Ortofon - dragonfly spirit level
The dragonfly spirit level is made of transparent plastic and allows a perfect alignment of the head shell, but can also be used to balance turntable, CD player & Co.
A dragonfly has a very precise level, which indicates the vertical installation in two axes.
The Ortofon dragonfly is designed specifically for turntables: low weight, sensitive display and practical interpretation.
A record player sounds good when it stands in the lot. A dragonfly should always be used in the preparation of a high-quality disc player.
With this turntable spirit level by Ortofon you may quickly and easily check with a glance both levels of your turntable-standing and can adapt it accordingly.
A useful tool that should not be missed by any analog enthusiasts.

Ortofon - cartridge alignment protractor
An alignment protractor is used to find the correct distance from stylus tip to tonearm pivot.
When aligning a cartridge for tangency using the alignment protractor, it is essential to remember that you are attempting to align the cantilever (and, hence, the stylus), not the cartridge body. There is no guarantee that the cantilever is perfectly aligned within the cartridge body, so simply aligning the cartridge body will not necessarily produce the desired result.
Furthermore, many cartridge bodies have non-parallel sides, making tangential alignment of the cartridge body with the lines of tangency on the gauge virtually impossible.
An alignment protractor is a plastic template onto which are printed the null point(s) and lines of tangency against which the cartridge should be aligned. The template is placed over the turntable's spindle (made possible via a spindle-sized hole drilled in the template) and placed against the platter.
Cartridge must be adjusted until the cantilever is parallel to the set of parallel lines. And this should be achieved for both the indicated points. When the cartridge's longitudinal axis is parallel with the horisontal lines, tracking error will be at a minimum.

Ortofon - stylus pressure gauge/scale
The Ortofon tracking force gauge is a simple budget tool for turntables that is used to determine the stylus tracking force.
The tracking force is the downward pressure that is applied by the weight of the tonearm through the cartridge stylus and onto the vinyl record. It is important to set the proper tracking force in order to maximize the playback performance and to reduce the risk of mistracking or causing excessive record wear.
Check for the manufacturers recommended settings for your stylus tracking force. The Ortofon tracking force gauge tool is a small plastic pivot type scale that will accurately measure tracking force between 1.25 g and 4 g.

The Ortofon stylus force gauge is simple to use:
1. Very gently, rest the cartridge stylus (needle) into the grooved guide track at the desired tracking force marking.
2. Next, adjust the counter-weight or tonearm pressure dials until the Ortofon pivot scale is in balance. The scale on the force gauge is marked in gram.

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Technical Data

Specifications - Ortofon - record player adjustment set
Hersteller / Manufacturer: Ortofon
Produktname / Product name: Ortofon SET
Produkttyp / Product type: Plattenspieler Justier- bzw. Einstellungsset / record player adjustment set
Ortofon - spirit level
Hersteller / Manufacturer: Ortofon
Produkttyp / Product type: Wasserwaage / spirit level
Material / Material: transparenter Acryl-Kunststoff / transparent acrylic plastic
Maße (Durchmesser) / Dimensions (diameter): 40,0 mm
Maße (Höhe) / Dimensions (height): 10,0 mm
Farbe / Colour: durchsichtig / transparent
Gewicht / Weight: 100 Gramm / 100 grams

Scope of Delivery

  • 1 x Ortofon - record player adjustment set (incl. Ortofon tonearm scale / Ortofon dragonfly / Ortofon SME template)
  • 1 x user guide

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