Rega ATLAS - precision digital tonearm balance (stylus pressure gauge for perfect adjustment for pickups / black)

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    excellent precision digital tonearm balance for turntables
    perfect for the adjustment of cartridges
    for the ideal alignment of your record player - guaranteed simple application
    3 digit LCD display
    manufactured by the quality brand Rega
    we are specialized dealer for Rega hifi products - your authorized dealer in Leipzig

Product Description

Rega - ATLAS - a precision digital stylus pressure gauge!

The ATLAS tracking force gauge is designed to be easy use, consistent and exceptionally accurate. The engineers from Rega have meticulously selected each component to offer the highest possible performance. The ATLAS was born out of frustration having used so many outsourced gauges in our tonearm production areas over the years for them to consistently fail after minimal use.

This Rega tracking force gauge is designed to provide reliable and accurate measurement of tracking force for the lifetime of your turntable. Inside the durable aluminum casework is a highly stable loadcell and precision amplification circuitry.There is also a custom designed front guard to protect the measuring element and provide easy alignment. This allows the ATLAS to achieve accurate and reliable performance with minimal input from the user.

The loadcell is a premium full bridge, shear beam construction. The cell is temperature compensated for a wide range of operating temperatures and is extremely resilient to shocks and deterioration over time.

The intelligent design of the ATLAS ensures the the tracking force is measured in the same place every time allowing for very fine adjustment to two decimal places.

ATLAS is a new lightweight compact digital stylus pressure gauge model. A miniature ultra precision non-magnetic instrument that tunes your tonearm to the highest possible degree.

It is ideal for any music lover with a valuable turntable system.

The best tool for determination of the weight bearing.

This Rega precision balance allows a very simple and precise adjustment of bearing weight.

With this new digital tonearm balance, Rega wants vinyl lovers to make the installation and adjustment of their pickup systems particularly simple and deliver the most accurate results.

Safety Instructions

Protect the device against high temperatures, dust and humidity.

Carefully lower the measurement object on the measurement plate.

Operating temperature range +10° - +30°C.

Do not place objects weighting more than 200 g on the measurement plate.

Do not place the device on an uneven surface, it may result in not accurate measurements.

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Technical Data

Specifications - Rega - ATLAS - precision digital tonearm balance
Hersteller / Manufacturer: Rega
Produktname / Product name: ATLAS
Produkttyp / Product type: präzise digitale Tonarmwaage / precision digital tonearm balance
Genauigkeit (Empfindlichkeit) / Accuracy (sensitivity): +/- 0,01 g
Einsatzbereich / Range: 0,5 – 3,0 g
Maximale Belastbarkeit / Safe overload: 10,0 g
Betriebsgewichtsbereich / Operational weight range: 0,01 g bis/to 200 g
Maßeinheiten / Weighting modes: Gramm, Unze, Pennyweight & Karat / gram, ounce, pennyweight & carat
Anzeige / Display: LCD-Bildschirm / LCD screen
Batterie / Battery: 9 Volt PP3 Batterien / 9 Volt PP3 cell battery
Batteriespannung / Battery voltage: 9 V
Umgebungstemperatur / Operating temperature: + 10 °C - + 30 °C
Farbe / Colour: schwarz / black
Maße (B x T x H) / Dimensions (W x D x H): 10,0 cm x 14,0 cm x 3,0 cm
Gewicht / Weight: 250 Gramm / 250 grams
Gewicht (mit Verpackung) / Weight (with packaging): 450 Gramm / 450 grams

Scope of Delivery

  • 1 x Rega - ATLAS - precision digital tonearm balance (stylus pressure gauge for perfect adjustment for pickups) in black
  • 1 x 9 Volt PP3 cell battery
  • 1 x user guide

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