Van den Hul The Solution - contact cleaner (contact treatment and protection fluid / perfect for any hi-fi device / 1 small bottle)

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    high quality contact treatment and protection fluid for contact cleaning on hi-fi devices
    stabilizes despite air pollution
    lubricates parts preventing them from wearing out
    25 cc brush cap bottle (lasts for years)
    true transmission technology
    hybrid design
    halogeen free
    we are specialized dealer for hi-fi products - your authorized dealer in Leipzig

Van den Hul - The Solution - the entry into the world of clean contacts

"The Solution" has been developed for audio applications. It cleans, lubricates and protects contacts with time stable results and sound improvement. (Van den Hul applies it to all their interconnects before packing)

Why clean and lubricate audio contacts? They form an often over looked vulnerable part that tends to wear, get dirty and even corrode.

Lubricated connectors have reduced wearing out. Plugging and unplugging interconnects and loudspeaker cables will inevitably wear out the terminals if not properly lubricated.

Clean connectors ensure perfect metal-to-metal contact. There’s no dirt acting as a semi conductive layer between parts and even the weakest audio signal flows free and unadulterated.

Definition, resolution and overall ambience are enhanced with clean connectors. Dirt acts as a barrier causing the audio signal to intermodulate with the (noisy) ground leakage currents flowing through the shielding of contacts and interconnects.

Clean connectors also prevent from burn-in effects and directionality.

Product properties remain stable over time.

Applying tips

Pre-clean the contacts by rubbing them thoroughly using a paper towel wet with pure alcohol (Never use sandpaper!).

Apply the slightly dipped brush along the contacts surfaces. No copious amounts are necessary.

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Technical Data

Manufacturer: Van den Hul
Product title: The Solution
Product type: contact cleaner
Number of small bottles: 1
Weight incl. packaging: ~0.2 kg

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  • 1x Van den Hul - The Solution - contact cleaner
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