WBT - 0681 Cu nextgen - cable shoes (4 pieces / sandwich spade)

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    high quality cable shoes
    high current cable shoe
    signal conductor of pure copper
    24 carat direct gold plating (nickel free)
    sandwich fork for constantly high contact pressure
    elastomer vibration damper for vibration damping
    CE and IEC compliant
    crimping with WBT double screw screw system
    we are specialized dealer for hifi products - your authorized dealer in Leipzig

Product description

nextgen™ - a new generation of connectors at WBT

The tried and tested WBT sandwich cable shoes now have their very special nextgen update. The signal conductor has always been made of pure copper (with the Cu versions) and has been designed minimally. In accordance with the nextgen principle of WBT, the plug body has now also been designed to be largely metal-free. Enjoy an even more detailed and extensive music reproduction!

The key to the exceptional quality of this cable shoe is the special design of the contact fork, which is based on the patented* sandwich principle: Elastomer vibration dampers eliminate air and body noise as well as magnetostriction. Contact microphonia is so far suppressed; There are no disturbing background noises. At the same time, the integrity of the connection is improved. The sandwich construction, an elastomer that is inserted into a steel cap, results in high and uniform contact pressure and minimizes the transition resistance. Four embossed contact points on the underside of the fork provide a precisely defined contact. Particularly at high currents or small voltages the signal transmission improves significantly. In order to secure the transition resistances in the long term, the surface of the copper signal conductor is protected against oxidation by a nickel-free direct gold-plating.

The connection to the cable is made using crimp connection technology. Thanks to the fine-thread Torx screws, the connection is reliable and reliable.

The connector bodies are completely insulated and meet the safety requirements according to CE and IEC.

* EP Patent No. 1 066 660, US Patent No. 6,319,078

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Technical Data

Specifications - WBT-0681 Cu nextgen - cable shoes
Hersteller / Manufacturer: WBT
Produktname / Product name: WBT-0681 Cu nextgen
Produkttyp / Product type: Kabelschuhe / cable shoes
Qualität / Quality: hochwertig / high quality
Leiterquerschnitt (max.) / Cross section (max.): 10 mm² (7 AWG)
Anschlusstechnik / Connection technology: Crimpen / crimping
Gabelweiten / Fork widths: WBT-0661 Cu 6-mm Gabel / fork (1/4 Inch)
WBT-0681 Cu 8-mm Gabel / fork (1/3 Inch)

Scope Of Delivery

  • 4 x WBT-0681 Cu nextgen - cable shoes

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