ruarkaudio RS1 subwoofer walnut

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  Subwoofer in a class of its own
  100W RMS Class D amplifier with soft clipping filter
  170mm long-throw treated fiber active driver and 170mm passive radiator
  Adjustable crossover 50-180 Hz
  Volume control and 180 degree phase switch
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Item description ruarkaudio RS1 subwoofer walnut

The Ruark Audio RS1 subwoofer in walnut – a masterpiece of music reproduction

The essence of music lies in the bass, and this is exactly where the Ruark Audio RS1 subwoofer in walnut comes in - it forms the foundation for an unforgettable listening experience. Immerse yourself in a world where sound is not only heard but also felt.

Bass as an art form:
Bass isn't just a sound; it is an art form. The Ruark Audio RS1 is the result of meticulous development to offer a deep, controlled and above all musical sound. By optimizing the housing and individual drivers, a natural, extended bass is created that goes deep quickly and rhythmically.

This system is powered by a powerful 100-watt Class D amplifier. This innovative amplifier technology ensures precise control of the bass driver at all volumes, with sufficient headroom for dynamic sound moments. There is an integrated soft clipping function that protects the system from overload and at the same time prevents possible damage. Setup is effortless and the Auto On/Standby feature means the RS1 automatically turns on and off - whenever you need it.

Developed by customer demand:
The Ruark Audio RS1 was developed following strong demand from our customers who were looking for a perfect companion to the award-winning MR1 Bluetooth speaker. But not only that - we also recognized the need for a subwoofer with style. The result? An elegant RS1 whose tailored cover and handcrafted walnut panels fit seamlessly into any living environment. Aesthetics and sound quality combine to create a product that you will proudly display in your home.

Enrich your listening experience:
The Ruark Audio RS1 subwoofer takes your sound experience to a new level. With deep bass that smaller speakers can't match, it opens up a world of musical satisfaction and realism. The perfect complement to the MR1 and R3S models or any other system that combines style and premium sound. The RS1 brings the joy of bass to every note and song, so you experience the music as it was created.


Devotion to music - RUARK AUDIO

The fascinating story of Ruark Audio, a company based on the picturesque south-east coast of England, is one of passionate devotion to music and an inspiring journey through the world of audio technology.

It all started with the founder, Alan O'Rourke, who grew up in an environment influenced by the sounds and devices of hi-fi, thanks to his father's work in the industry. The roots of his love for music were literally laid in his cradle. It was only a matter of time before he started his own audio company. In the early 1980s, Ruark Audio burst onto the scene with the Sabre, a two-way, bookshelf-style speaker that not only won awards but also broke ground for the company's reputation for first-class sound quality and attractive design.

A notable feature of Ruark Audio is its deep roots in craftsmanship. In an era when speaker cabinets were primarily made from wood, Alan's father, Brian, was an experienced carpenter and brought his understanding of materials and construction. These considerations of craftsmanship and sound quality have been successfully passed on to the next generation. The inspiration for Ruark Audio's innovative products is broad and reflects personal experiences as well as the admirable surroundings. Walks along Southend beach, immersed in natural beauty, have not only stimulated the senses but also served as a creative outlet.

Today, Ruark Audio remains true to its heritage by continuing to focus on quality and construction. The philosophy that has shaped the company from the beginning can still be felt today when Ruark Audio updates and designs its products. Not only can you follow the evolution of audio technology, but you can also experience the artistic journey of a family business that is redefining the sound of music with passion and principles.

Discover your personal sound experience

Further RUARK products are available for you to demonstrate in our Klangvilla living room studio in Leipzig. Here you have the opportunity to have our sales manager explain and demonstrate other high-quality high-end devices. We can also recommend the associated cabling and other high-quality HiFi accessories. Simply arrange a consultation or demonstration appointment with our sales manager for home hi-fi.


Technical Data

ruarkaudio RS1 Subwoofer Walnut
Manufacturer: RUARK
Product name: RS1
Product type: Subwoofer
Color: Walnut
Dimensions (W x B x D): 300 × 250 × 265mm (including feet)
Weight: 6,7 kg
Power: 100 W RMS Class D amplifier
Driver: 170mm long-throw active driver
170mm passive radiator
Input: Mono RCA
Crossover: Adjustable 50–180 Hz


  • 1 x RS1-Subwoofer
  • Power cord
  • 1.5 m RCA connection cable
  • quick start Guide

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