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Mono power amplifier 300 watts
Current dumping technology
Class AB amplifier
Artera Mono OCC design - The purest output signal
Aluminum front panel, CNC-milled heat sinks on the sides
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Quad Artera mono power amplifier: discover sonic perfection in every nuance

The Quad Artera mono power amplifier is the crown jewel of the Quad series, designed to fuse the essence of traditional Quad quality with groundbreaking industrial design and cutting-edge audio technology.

Precise audio reproduction:
This amplifier was designed with updated audiophile-grade components, including multi-layer circuit boards, to enhance the classic Quad sound. The result is remarkable clarity, precision and enhanced playback integrity that delivers the artist's message without distortion, even in poor recordings.

Revolutionary current dumping technology:
Based on Peter Walker's revolutionary technology, the Artera Mono minimizes distortion and matching problems. By combining a high-quality Class AB amplifier with a powerful current dumping section, signal details are reproduced and speakers are precisely controlled.

OCC cabling for ultimate signal purity:
Quad relies on unique OCC cabling, which uses a patented process to ensure unparalleled signal transmission. Unlike conventional OFC copper, OCC effectively minimizes oxidation and impurities for a crystal clear output signal.

Powerful and controlled:
With an output of 300 watts per channel (into 8 ohms), the Quad Artera Mono can drive even the most demanding speaker systems with ease. The innovative circuitry offers overload recovery and full protection against overload without the use of output fuses or relays.

Aesthetics and robustness combined:
The Artera Mono presents itself with a textured aluminum front panel, an inlaid glass plate and CNC-machined heat sinks. Its design embodies Quad's past and future in equal measure, combining quality, robustness and aesthetic elegance.

Experience the perfection of audio technology with the Quad Artera mono power amplifier - a masterpiece that will delight sound enthusiasts.


Quad is a renowned British brand known for its pioneering and high-quality audio products. Since its inception in 1936, Quad has built a reputation for exceptional sound quality and innovation in audio technology.

Quad's history is one of pioneering developments. Peter Walker, Quad's founder, was a pioneer in audio technology and created some of the industry's most iconic products. Quad's legendary electrostatic loudspeakers are still renowned today for their remarkable fidelity and precision and have set the standard.

Quad's product range includes not only loudspeakers, but also amplifiers, preamplifiers and audio components, all designed to deliver a unique and immersive listening experience. The combination of precision craftsmanship, high-quality materials and innovative technology makes Quad a choice for audiophiles and music lovers worldwide.

A Quad system expresses a passion for audio technology and music enjoyment. It's not just a brand, it's a commitment to excellent sound quality and an unparalleled listening experience. When it comes to premium audio equipment, Quad is a brand that combines tradition with innovation and sets an unsurpassed standard in the high-fidelity world.



QUAD Artera MONO power amplifier 300W black

Manufacturer: QUAD
Type: Artera Mono
Type: Mono power amplifier
Color: Black
Dimensions(WxHxD) 320 x 158 x 338 mm
Rated output power: 300 watts into 8 ohms (THD=1%,1kHz)
Maximum power consumption:                        750 watts
Input impedance: 10 kohm (balanced/unbalanced)
Inputs: 1 x RCA
1 x XLR
Outputs: 1 x Single-Terminal
Weight without cables 13 kg


  • 1 x QUAD Artera MONO power amplifier 300W black

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