QUAD Artera PRE preamp black

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  Analog preamplifier
  Unrivaled QUAD sound signature
  Tilt Control
  Analog bass filter for the room setup
  Class A phono stage
  6.35mm headphone output
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Quad Artera Pre: Masterful preamplifier that redefines sonic purity

Welcome to the world of audiophile enjoyment, experience the fusion of contemporary design and QUAD's legendary sound tradition with the Quad Artera Pre preamplifier.

The Artera Pre embodies the essence of pure analog technology. Its aesthetic, minimalist design conceals a treasure trove of high-quality components meticulously engineered to ensure short and direct signal paths. The result? An unadulterated purity of sound that brings even the subtlest nuances of music to life.
The return of Tilt Control is more than a tribute to the past. This unique control, first presented in the Quad 34, allows tonal adjustment of the entire frequency spectrum from bass to treble in an elegant, seamless process. Complemented by analog bass filters, the Artera Pre offers precise fine-tuning to adapt the sound to individual preferences, room acoustics and speaker configuration.

But the versatility doesn't stop there. The combination of tilt and bass filters opens up a rich terrain of sound customization. Whether you enjoy warm vinyl sounds from a turntable or digital sounds from a high-quality DAC, this preamplifier allows you to perfectly adapt to any audio source.

For passionate vinyl enthusiasts, the Artera Pre offers a first-class Class A phono stage that presents every detail and nuance of the record with pristine clarity. The dedicated headphone jack delivers an intimate listening experience that makes audiophile dreams come true.

Seamless integration with an AV receiver is made possible by the optional AV bypass mode, which allows smooth switching between different audio configurations.

The Quad Artera Pre preamplifier: A masterpiece that not only plays music, but creates emotion, depth and an unparalleled audio experience.



Quad HiFi, synonymous with excellence in audio technology, has a history of over sixty years of innovation and outstanding sound. Founded by Peter J. Walker in London in 1936, Quad HiFi has been shaping the world of audio technology ever since.

Originally known as "Quality Amplifier Domestic" (QAD), the company soon changed its name to Quad, a reference to the four main components of an amplifier: input, processing, output and speaker. The Quad I tube amplifier of 1948 laid the foundation for the high-fidelity audio quality that characterized Quad.

Today, Quad HiFi is part of the International Audio Group (IAG) and continues to offer a wide range of products for audiophiles worldwide. Its iconic logo and timeless design are still coveted, and the brand remains synonymous with audiophile enjoyment and quality.

Over the years, Quad HiFi has established a firm place for itself in the world of audio technology. With a history of innovation and commitment to premium sound quality, Quad HiFi remains a major force in the audio world today and continues to promise audiophile excellence.

Technical Data

Manufacturer: QUAD
Product name: Artera PRE
Product typ: Analog preamplifier
Color: Black
Dimensions (WxDxH): 320 x 320 x 105 mm
Weight: 7,8 kg
Inputs: 3x Cinch (AUX1, 2 & 3)
1x XLR
1x Phono MM/MC
Outputs: 1x Cinch (PRE OUT)
1x Cinch (AUX)
1x XLR
1 x 6.35mm headphone jack


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1 x QUAD Artera PRE preamp black

Klangvilla in Leipzig
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